Gencon 2019

So one more Gencon is in the books, and a great time was had.

One of the highlights was the reveal of the League of Infamy - soon to be a kickstarter for Mantic.  This will be a 'reverse' dungeon crawl game - where the players are evil and the antagonists are good (for the base set - elves).  They had some of the painted samples on display

We had a big gaming area, with 80+ ticketed events.  Personally, I ran 10 sessions - 2 Kings of War Learn to Play, six Vanguard Learn to Play, the How You Use It! tournament, and the final Kings of Gencon tournament.

We had eight players Friday night for the How You Use It! tournament.
(back row) Jesse Cornwell, Michael Upchurch, Jackson Blakemore, John Blakemore, Thomas Powers, Jesse White
(front row) Andrew Summers, Felix Castro
Full warscore results are here

For the third year in a row, Andrew Summers showed that he knew how to use just about any army.

(l-r) 3rd Place Jesse Cornwell
2nd Place Michael Upchurch
1st Place Andrew Summers

We also had the Kings of Gencon escalation tournament.  Since we only had 8 players, we cut it back to 3 rounds (1500, 2000 and 2500 pts), though the scores were very close because at the end of round two, there were NO players with a 2-0 record - I don't remember ever seeing so many tie games!

(l - r) Kara Brown, Frank Bradford, Amy Stamper, Jackson Blakemore, John Blakemore, Bob Boggs, Jon Carter (not pictured - Andrew Summers)
Amy v Andrew round 1
Jackson v Frank Round 1
Jon v John Round 1
Bob v Kara round 1
Amy v John round 2
Bob v Jackson round 2
Kara v Frank round 2
Jon v Andrew round 2
Frank v John round 3
Amy v Bob round 3
Jackson v Andrew round 3
Kara v Jon round 3
Jon Carter's Undead
Andrew Summers' Brotherhood
Jackson Blakemore's Basileans
Bob Boggs' Kingdoms of Men
John Blakemore's Dwarfs
Amy Stamper's Nightstalkers
Frank Bradford'd Salamanders
Kara Brown's Trident Realm of Neritica
(l - r) Best General - Frank Bradford
Best Sportsman - Bob Boggs
Best Appearance - John Blakemore
Overall Champion - Kara Brown
Full results are here.

As it turns out, Kara is now the FINAL King of Gencon, as the tournament is being retired after his year.  With the growth of the tournament scene there are just way too many other tournaments available for people to play, and with the declining attendance the past few years, it was decided that this was it.  So for all the people that kept showing up on Saturday looking for a demo / Learn to play sessions - I will next year be running those on Saturday as well.

We had lots of other stuff going on as well.

We set up Wednesday night

And then come Thursday the gaming commenced

So once more a great convention, and I can't wait for next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .