Vanguard of Galahar

Over the past couple of years, I've picked up several of the crazy boxes that Mantic would put up for open day or black friday.  Several times I ended up getting a baggie of the orc & goblin minis from the Warlord of Galahar expansion for Dungeon Saga.  So when I needed a quick Vanguard demo warband, I took a look at these, and it turns out they actually work pretty well.

Each baggies has a troll, orc models for greatax, morax, sniff and orclings as well as goblin models for spitter, sharpstick, rabble and a mawbeast.

In addition the set includes an orc barbarian boss.  So a couple of bags and I almost had a full 200 points.

To get these done quickly, I again went with the GW contrast paints (except for the bases and the metal).  I also rebased them - not because they needed it but to put them on magnetic bases for transport.

Thrundak Skullsplitter is the orc krusher command model

The one think this set did not have however was a godspeaker.  Even after all this time I have never actually gotten an orc godspeaker or shaman model (I should get a couple of the ones from Mantic points (I have over 200 saved up)).  What I did have however is an orc war drum - I pulled out one of the figures there - and with the cloak he actually fit pretty well with the Thrundak model - so he became the godspeaker.

The only large choice right now for orcs is a troll.  I actually have a lot of trolls, but I just kept with the DS theme and painted that one up (and yes, like the others he skipped leg day).

For warriors, two morax

and two greatax

And then to finish it out, two skulks as grunts.

So painted up easily in a weekend. 

This makes 11 warbands done.

Because it is all fun and games . . .