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This month sees the release of the Vanguard warband for the Trident Realm of Neritica.  Unfortunately there is only one new model for them, but this one is worth getting.

The Riverguard Dambuster (or the Dambuster Sentinel - a command version for only 10 more points) is the newest model to an already great line for the Trident Realm.  Yes, it is a frog riding a giant frog.

It only comes in a few pieces, and is really simple to put together.

The difference (modelling) between the normal and command version is the back banner on the rider (much like the normal Riverguard Sentinel has one).  I'm not sure how you are supposed to attach it (as there are no obvious attachment points), but I'm not using the command version anyway - so I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Aside from the color, I find it interesting that for the pictures on the cards, the normal version has the spears removed, and then it is a mirror image (thus the sword is in the left hand) - there is no way to actually make the model that way :-)

But I'm just picking nits.  I don't recommend gluing the rider on until after painting (which is easier for any cavalry model), but he still fits nicely (as you can see in the pictures - he is just sitting, not glued on).

I haven't yet decided how to paint him yet - green or red.  For my demo warband I am not taking the command version, but I also don't want him the same color as the other riverguard.

A couple of notes on this release.  First Mantic is trying out selling the cards separately for the warband - a lot of people have asked for these, and I hope they sell well enough to allow them to do it for other warbands as well. 

Plus this is the largest (as in most number of models) of any of the warbands so far - with 17 different models/cards.  The others only have 13-15.  Nice (though they won't now fit in two notebook card sheets).  This means they have 4 command models, 4 large models (one of which is a command as well) and two spellcasters (again, one is a command). 4 support choices, 3 warriors and 2 grunts.   So it turns out this is the second warband (after Northern Alliance) (Ogres are a special exception because they are, well Ogres) that you can squeeze 3 large models in a 200 pt warband - take the Dambuster Sentinel (Large/Command), then a second large model (any), a Mythican Aquamage as a second command and he allows for a Water Elemental in addition to the other choices.  So a Dambuster, and 2 Water Elementals all in one force if you want (though that means the entire rest of the force is 5 grunts).

But I do look forward to just fielding the one dambuster and showing it off - hopefully by Gencon (I have what - three weeks to get them painted?).  Since I already have Naiads in my Forces of Nature army, I'm not using any in the warband, going instead for Thuuls and Riverguard.

Thuul Aquamage (Command, Spellcaster)
Water Elemental (Large)
Riverguard Dambuster (Large)
3 Thuul (Warrior)
2 Riverguard (Warrior)
Otter Bevy (Grunt)
Riverguard Treeleaper (Support)

Now let's hope that the stats are available quickly on Easy Army (as quickly as they were for the Forces of Nature), especially since several things have changed from the book / pdf releases.

Rising Tides army ability has changed (ok, nerfed, but it was too good)
Riverguard Sentinel dropped 5 pts, lost a wound and scout, but added the Combined Fire rule
Riverguard dropped Vicious but added Stealthy and Combined Fire
Naiad lurker lost Scout but gained Stealthy

and they added six new cards

Dambuster Sentinel (Command, Large)
Mythican Aquamage (Command, Spellcaster)
Riverguard Dambuster (Large)
Placoderm Defender (Support)
Naiad Envoy (Support)
Riverguard Treeleaper (Support)
Naiad Initiate (Grunt)

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Riverguard sentinel got Marksman too.

    Thanks for the post. Very helpful.


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