In Un-Living Color!

So a couple of German retailers were really quick to put up the renders of the new undead miniatures coming out for Vanguard in August.  However now we have exclusive pictures of the actual painted miniatures.

Of course leading your warband you need Necromancers, and probably want more than one.  So while Mantic has several metal ones, the new resin Undead Arkosaur Necromancer just looks awesome.  Plus I really like the idea that races other than just humans can become (or in this case raise) undead.
I have to say I'm very curious as to the size of the new Barrow Wight.  I have only seen these isolated pictures so far - so I wonder if it matches the Kings of War versions being large infantry and comes on a 40mm base (which this photo does not make it look like it does).

The Crypt gouger is a bigger, better ghoul (and he actually does look like it may be on a bigger base.  He definitely looks like he is headed to the graveyard, to begin to dig up his dinner.

Of course the starter comes with a sprue of ghouls.  I don't care for the flesh tone on the ghouls and zombies myself (my ghouls are grey, and zombies a rotting flesh green).  However that is something I really like about Kings of War (and Vanguard) - you DO NOT have to make all your models look the same, and can truly make your army your own (or as the tag line says, Your Warband, Your Story)
I wasn't sure about the Goreblight render (and still don't care for the name (it has a little too 'gw-ish' sound to it for my tastes)) but the latest painted version is definitely growing on me.  Especially with the orc head on the right shoulder!
Everyone I've talked to smiles (or snickers) at the concept of a Vampire Halfling.  ("I vant to suck your kneecaps!"), but the model is looking pretty sweet!  The concept is pretty cool to go with Vanguard, of a weaker vampire (since a full strength vampire from Kings of War would simply be too overpowered at this level).

So just like the Arkosaur Necromancer, zombies come in all shapes and sizes (it surprised me that they did not put Zombie Trolls in the list, as it seems like a great way to sell those awesome models).  So the lizard managed to raise some Orcs - who are even more dangerous (and frightening in death than in life).  Plus the armor might make them even tougher.
One thing that has been missing (ok, not truly missing, but rare and expensive) from the Mantic are skeleton archers.  The reinforcement pack will solve with, with bits to make a skeleton with a bow OR a crossbow.  Which makes me think I need to buy two to be able to field both!

The warband started does come with sprue of skeletons.  While these are some of their oldest plastic sprues, they are still excellent models.

I like the green fire on the sickle of the wraith, and the details on the hems of the sleeves and cloak.
Finally, you get a zombie sprue in the warband starter.  I have hard many people say that they felt these are the best plastic zombies on the market
The only thing I haven't ever liked about the hard plastic zombies is they tend to be lurching low and forward, which puts their center of gravity over the front edge of the, and can make it more difficult to rank up.
So I'm must (not so patiently) wait for the pre-orders to show up on the Mantic webstore (and am disappointed they won't be out before or even at Gencon.)

Because it is all fun and games . . .