In the right frame of mind

So, the other day I was browsing though facebook, and I saw a post about for a wargame table border for Vanguard.  Getting ready to do my first sessions teaching this fun new game at Origins, I was intrigued, so ordered a couple to give them a try.  These came in just in time for me to give them a quick try the Saturday before as well.

These MDF borders are made by Warchest Creations, which currently appears to be just an etsy store at this point (not that there is anything wrong with that, just showing it is a small operation (one guy)).

The frame comes in 16 pieces, four of each.  These are corners, and three edge pieces - and each edge piece is nicely labeled for assembly - simply put them in order 1-2-3 and then add the corners, which can only go on one way.

Border pieces - 4 of each of these
The edge pieces are each nine inches long, and the corners are 4 1/2 inches on the inside for each corner - when assembled they square on the inside is 36" x 36" - or the exact size required for Vanguard!
Assembled border on a Mantic 36" game mat
The border nicely frames a mat - but it isn't a 3x3 mat where I think these will be valuable, but on larger mats to mark off the game area (so you can re-use your larger mats such as 4x4 ones.

I was actually thinking about splitting a 6'x4' mat for two games - and the frame doesn't quite do that. You could do a 6'x3' area using 26 of the edge pieces (so 2 frames), though you would still need to mark the middle and you would have a set of rules in the middle that wouldn't make any sense.  However I believe you could get blank frames (without engraving) that might be the thing.

Anyway, the frames do have engraving for the following quick reference for Vanguard:

  • Game Sequence
  • Power Pool
  • Standard Activations
  • Ranged Attacks
  • Melee Attacks
  • Follow up moves
  • Retaliation

All that is missing are nerve checks.

We tried them out, and I got immediate positive feedback on them.  I have printed (and laminated) the quick reference sheets from the back of the Vanguard book, and these had nearly all that information, and essentially all that you regularly used.

So far I'm finding these to be very convenient, not just for new players but as a nice aid for even experienced wargamers.  They are actually less obtrusive than having additional printed sheets or book around.

I expect I'll be getting several more for my games at Gencon!

Because it is all fun and games . . .