Stuff We All Get

With the War Kings II GT less than two days away, I thought I'd relieve some of the tension and reveal some of the great swag (yes, if you didn't know, swag stands for "Stuff We All Get") for the tournament participants.

To start off, once again everyone gets a pair of custom Ohio War Kings dice.  These are unique for this tournament, and will not be made again.  In addition, my lovely, beautiful and talented wife (no, I don't get any brownie points for flattering her - she doesn't read my blog :-) ) once again made custom War Kings dice bags - which are also doubling for swag bags!

RGD Gaming is giving everyone a set of their Sable Brushes.  Robert does a great job of sponsoring events as well as providing a fantastic mail order service for all your Kings of war needs.  The web store is on a temporary hiatus while he concentrates on is kickstarter for hard plastic fauns (which I'm all in for, to make a herd army (and you can check out my review of the first sprue for these as well).

Ironheart Artisans makes some great MDF models and accessories for your games, and they now have a full line of siege models - which are great for use with the new siege rules for Kings of War in Clash of Kings 2019.  So all the players get a Siege Mantel to protect their troops as they storm the castle.

Secret Weapon Miniatures is giving everyone a sample of their resin bases - which are perfect for the Deadzone players that might be coming.  Everyone will actually get two bases - they sponsored us last year as well, but unfortunately there was a mix up in the shipping and we didn't get them in until the day after the tournament.

Resin bases are great for adding a bit of scenic extra.  However for transporting and putting my miniatures in movement trays, I use Shogun Miniatures magnetic bases.  Everyone will get a sample of both a square and a round one (which will fit under a Secret Weapon base to help transport your mini) to give them a try.

Turbo Dork makes some really cool metallic and color changing paints, and everyone will get one to try out.

Peacekeeper Games is helping everyone by supplying one of their Precision Pivoting Arcs.  These are great if you are ever in that sticky position where an exact pivot can be crucial.  Everyone will get a random size acrylic arc as well.

Then to top it off, since we have a little bit of swag left over from last year, everyone will also get something (a small resin terrain piece from TH Miniatures, a troop multibase from IronHeart Artisans or neoprene terrain piece from Hidden Forest Games)

That simply stuffs the bag with swag!

A big heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors, both for the swag and the prize support that help to make this a great tournament.

Because it is all fun and games . . .