Sponsor Spotlight: Secret Weapon Miniatures

With just over a week to go for War Kings II, it is once again time for a Sponsor Spotlight.  This time it is Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Secret Weapon is known for it's excellent washes, bases, tiles and, well all sorts of great things for the miniature hobby.

My personal favorite product of theirs is the "Soft Body Black" wash - an excellent dark wash that I have used on a huge amount of models - the only drawback about it at all it doesn't come in bigger sizes!

We have two different sets for people to be taking home from the tournament.  The first is a Weathering Pigment Set : Whole Earth,   The weathering pigments allow you to create realistic weathering on your models with these easy to apply pigments. This collection is perfect for adding realistic dirt, dust and mud to tanks, infantry, scenery and terrain and can also be used to create washes or to add additional pigment to your acrylic paints.   The technique is as simple as adding a bit of pigment to a brush, or even your fingertip, and gently rubbing it over the area that you'd like to weather

The set includes eight dry pigments

  • Clay Brown
  • Terracotta Earth
  • Dark Earth
  • Violet
  • Burning Sands
  • Yellow Earth
  • Green Earth
  • Ancient Earth

For those looking to get a little wetter, we also have a Masterclass Mud & Water Bundle.  This kit comes with everything you need to create realistic weathering on your models and is perfect for tanks, infantry, light vehicles, bases, terrain, dioramas... and anything else you might want to add simulated mud to. The kit includes:

  • Weathering Pigment: Dark Earth
  • Weathering Pigment: Terracotta Earth
  • Weathering Pigment: Clay Brown
  • Fine Grain Sand (approx. 5g)
  • Realistic Water (2 oz. dropper bottle  

But we have much more than just these two sets of their products.  They have generously donated base samples, so each player is going to get a couple (they actually gave us some last year as well, but they didn't arrive until after the tournament).  These resin bases are textured to give you a great start on finishing off your model - and will be great for Deadzone or even other 'games which shall not be named that use round bases'.

This is just a small sample of their products.  They also make tiles that can be used for display boards or to make durable gaming boards (Mantic actually sells these in the UK for them).  They even have a specific set for Deadzone - four tiles and a border specifically for that game.  They also have terrain (though most is themed for sci fi, not fantasy).

Overall they are a great resource for painting, basing and building terrain for your armies.

Because it is all fun and games . . .