Sponsor Spotlight: Army Painter

So we slowed things down a little when we had to reschedule, but now the War Kings GT is less than a month away, so it is time again for a Sponsor Spotlight!

The Army Painter is more than just a brand of paints, tools and game accessories, though they are some of the best of those around.  They also coined the term for the "army painter method" - a technique to speed paint tabletop quality models, and is an excellent way to begin to learn how to paint miniatures.

In support of that, they have simply a HUGE number of painting guides on their site, with many of them actually specific to certain models, including several done with Mantic models.

This year they have given us a top of the line masterclass brush. This Masterclass Brush is as good as it comes. The absolute finest Kolinsky Sable hair is used to make this handmade brush into a work of art. Needle like point ensures maximum accuracy and the black triangular handle gives 100% control

In addition is a paint set.  While branded as Zombicide, it is actually a good selection of colors useful for painting any type of modern humans.  It includes five paints and a wash:

  • Combat Fatigues
  • Babe Blonde
  • Light Denim
  • Machine Gun Metal
  • Survivor Skin
  • Survivor Shade

They do have five Mantic licensed paint sets available on their site as well

  • TWD Walker Paint Set
  • Warpaints Kings of War Greenskins Paint Set
  • Warpaints Kings of War Dwarf Paint Set
  • Warpaints Kings of War Undead Paint Set
  • Warpaints Kings of War Ogres Paint Set

One of the things that Army Painter pioneered was having spray paints that matched the colors of their bottled paints - allowing those without air brushes to undercoat with a color, shade it, then do a quick highlight of the exact same base color.

I have used their paints several times with a lot of success, and when I do my quick demo armies I do a variant of their process.  The only caution I would ever give is when using their Quickshade pigmented varnish care must be taken on miniatures with very fine details.  This is not actually an issue with their product as just varnish itself.  It tends to be a bit thick, and as such can fill in details you might not want if you use it as an actual 'dip'.  So if you are working with truly fine details, use their quickshade wash instead to get nearly the same effect.

The Army Painter has excellent paints, brushes and washes.  Their painting guides are a great way to get started in the hobby.  Even those of us who have spent quite some time in the hobby can use some quick shortcuts to get models on the table.

Because it is all fun and games . . .