Thrill of the Fight

At last Esper and company are heading to face the head of the Cult of Ra.  Of course, it can't be easy, as he knows they are coming.  What they don't know is someone else is also looking for Esper.  So how can she finally destroy the cult without getting killed or captured herself?

J.S. Morin's Black Ocean Mercy for Hire reaches a great climax in this eighth book.  He continues his great cinematic style here, and this truly feels like the big season finale.  It nicely wraps up what has been happening so far, with plenty of surprises, leaving the reader satisfied, and curious as to what is going to come next for our intrepid band of - well I'd like to call them Bounty Hunters, but that implies that they actually get paid at some point.

For followers of the original Black Ocean series, there is some nice callback at the end, and we are reminded that, much like the recent Marvel movies, this is a much larger, interconnected universe.

I expect it to come out bundled with the previous three books in a mission pack soon, for those who want the binge read the entire season at once.

Because it is all fun and games . . .