Snagging the little green runts

While some of the new warband releases have not had the best reaction, the new goblin models seem to be getting everyone excited.  Due to hit the shelves in May, these are sure to be a huge hit.

Of course there is a goblin warband starter set.
Goblin Warband Set, MGVAG101, £29.99/€39.99/$49.99
Small, unpleasant and spiteful, Goblins are utterly separate from their greenskin cousins, the Orcs. Goblins are not only smaller and less imposing but also far cleverer and more dexterous. They might not beat you in a straight fight, but to underestimate even a small force of Goblins would be a grave mistake.
  • 10 Hard Plastic Goblin Spitters, 
  • Metal Rabble Upgrade Pack, 
  • 1 Resin Stinggit, 
  • 1 Resin Sneak
I have not heard much positive feedback about the upcoming Forces of Nature warband pack as it only has the one new sculpt in it (which, to be honest, there are already a couple of Mantic druids out anyway).  So is this one worth it?

Well first off you get the warband cards.  Yes, eventually the stats for everything will be out on EasyArmy, but some of us completists want the cards.

This does include 2 brand new resin sculpts, and this is the only way to get them - the Stinggit and Sneak.  Not only are these new models, but they are also new profiles (and I would assume least one of them is a Command model (I'm going to guess the Stinggit is command, and the sneak is support) - so this box would make a playable warband)

It also contains two of the hard plastic Goblin Spitter sprues

Goblin Spitter Sprue

and a Metal Rabble Upgrade Pack

Goblin Metal Rabble Upgrade Kit

I don't know if this is the FULL rabble kit that is available on the webstore or just part of it however.  While these plastic models may not be among the favorites (and I agree that they should be next in line for when they remake a hard plastic sprue (plus there is no reason why the sprue can't have spears, shields and hand weapons on it (like the new Basilean Men-at-arms sprues).

However, all of that being said, they can paint up nicely with a little work.

Goblin Reinforcement Pack, MGVAG302, £12.49/€14.99/$17.99
Individually, goblins are too small and cowardly to pose a serious threat. However, when working part of a group a ravenous insanity takes over, enabling these diminutive beings to take down foes many times their own size.

  • 1 Metal Spitter
  • 2 Metal Rabble

So much like the Dwarf Reinforcement Pack - this is three new metal sculpts for existing models.  A new spitter and two new rabble - though one of them sure looks like a sharpstick to me (ok, there is no sharpstick profile - but you can give a rabble a spear for only 1 pt).  This pack comes with 4 cards - I am guessing 2 rabble and 2 spitters.

Goblin Support Pack: Luggits,  MGVAG301, £14.99.99/€17.99/$19.99
To a Luggit, size matters. Larger and tougher than the average goblin, these brash warriors wield oversized weapons to devastating (and sometimes clumsy) effect.

  • 2 Resin Luggits

These are the existing warrior options, with two new sculpts.  Goblins with 2 handed weapons!

Goblin Support Pack: Snaggit, MGVAG202, £9.99/€12.49/$14.99
Snaggits are skilled and inventive trappers, who make use of vicious devices to maim and kill foes far more powerful than themselves.

  • 1 resin Snaggit

When I first saw this, I immediately thought of the GW Gnoblar Trappers for their ogre army.  So now a goblin with a bear trap - nothing good can come of this.  The card comes with the model.

Goblin Support Pack: Banggit, MGVAG201, £9.99/€12.49/$14.99
Despite how short-lived a Banggit’s career can be, Goblin society never seems to have a shortage of explosive-obsessed volunteers.

  • 1 resin Banggit

And now the really cool models start coming.  The banggit is a goblin with a bomb, and it looks like some bottle rockets.  My guess is he will have some shooting, but also an option to go and blow himself up (hopefully taking some of the enemy with him).  It's card comes with the model.

Goblin Support Pack: Winggit, MGVAG401, £14.99/€17.99/$19.99
A seemingly random jumble of wood, metal and bloody-minded goblin determination, the Winggit is a contraption that really shouldn’t be able to take off the ground. But when it does, it provides an eye in the sky and rains bombs upon its foes.

  • 1 Resin Wingget
  • Flying stand
  • Vanguard card

Now I'm guessing that this is a Large model (look at the base after all) - and I would be hard pressed to NOT have it in every goblin warband, just for the cool factor alone.

Goblin Support Pack: Mawpup Launcher, MGVAG402, £9.99/€12.49/$14.99
Seeing a pup hurtling towards them is often the first sign of a Mawpup Launcher’s deployment. Each of these crude mortar is loaded with the runts from a litter of Mawbeasts. These creatures are unaware of their fate, but seem to be happy, all the same.

  • 1 resin Mawpup Launcher
  • 1 Vanguard Card

Ok, now I have to take back what I just said.  Because it sure looks like this will also be a large model.  So you won't be able to take both it (and I think they should call it a chuckkit) and a winggit in a standard warband unfortunately.  And I want to, I want them both.  This is simply hilarious, cute and most likely pretty devastating when it hits.

So, it looks like the full goblin list will be:
Existing entries:

  • Rabble - Grunt
  • Spitter - Grunt
  • Luggit - Warrior
  • Mawbeast - Support
  • Troll - Large
  • Banggit - Support
  • Wiz - Spellcaster
  • Biggit - Command

New models:

  • Sneak - Support?
  • Stinggit - Command?
  • Banggit - Support?
  • Mawpup Launcher - Large / Support?
  • Snaggit - Support / Command?
  • Winggit - Large / Support?

So awesome new models, and forcing people to make some very hard choices with how cool they are.  Add in the metal goblin heroes from Kings of War (for their awesome biggit and wiz sculpts) and a mawbeast or two and you have everything to field these annoying little runts!

I know I'm getting some!

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. the goblins look nice, though I am not sure they are still true to Mantics initial motto.. what is not nice and rather puzzling is them trying to sell off the awful, no really awful awful goblin splitters... these miniatures are horrible quality and should not be sold at all, every time somebody is tricked into buying them mantics reputation takes a hit and a customer is lost. not kidding. I have no doubts that the advertisement images show 3ups and hence look better. I have a few of those lying around. dreadful stuff. the metal parts can save the sculpts... sure but these are definitely not worth the money. pairing them with otherwise unobtainable minis makes matters worth as it seems to be a clear attempt to sale these off... br.

    1. I bought about 140 (after buying 20) of them and I am still fine because they are easy to paint and many.

  2. Mantic stop taking a piss on your company dammit, 49,99 for 12 goblins is literally the worst deal ever(also how the fuck does their webstore still don't have the prices well fixed).

    Vanguard should be mantic's next big thing, rules are solid, and models are cool, but they are crippling it by having prices this steep. Reinforcement packs also feel a little overpriced(tey remmind me of PP awful single metal model pricing), exept for the helicopter, that one is very very well priced as well as the dog mortar. Also i didn't remmenber the hero sculpts being so cheap, i'm definitely buying those and with a spitter horde i have myself a warband and 2 regiments of goblins for much less than the warband itself O:


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