From your Nightmares they come

And with this I have finally finished painting all the Vanguard warbands from the kickstarter (I still have to do the terrain, and I haven't started on my giants yet, or the mercenaries).  Once again these are for demo purposes, so are a fairly quick paint job.  That being said, they were actually quite fun to paint, and once I decided on the base scheme (grey and purple) they really came together quickly.

Of course you can see the raw models here.

This warband actually ended up with the most models of any of the demo ones I built.

For command, I started with the Butcher Fleshripper.  I really liked the butcher models, but since they are large, the only way I can do both a butcher and a mind-screech was to take one for the command.

The large choice was then the Mind-screech - who also took up a spellcaster slot.  This model is simply awesome.  I'm not quit thrilled with the exposed brain (especially because the flesh/pink does not contrast well with the bone) but it is what it is for a demo.  Were I doing this for competition, I'd look to add more red/blue/purple veins on it (like on the back) - maybe with some thin pieces of green stuff.  Still the model is awesome.  I did add some detail to the eye beyond what I would normally do (as well as added gloss to it and the brain) however.

To me, the grunts are there to add cheap bulk to the warband.  Well this one is already the largest of any, so I just have the one scarecrow.

For warriors, I added a couple of spectres.  A light blue drybrush over the entire model helps to give them a quick ethereal feel.  I want to keep all the basing the same across all the demos, otherwise I would consider putting all the stealthy models with vapor on the bases (like I did with my Ghostbusters NightStalker army)

Reapers are great to just tearing into opponents with CS(1) and 3 melee dice, so also added a pair.

Flyers can be fun, so why not put in a phantom?

Lastly, I added two horrors - just to help out the other models with a bit of punch making all other NS models within 6" vicious.  So keep them near the reapers and butcher!

That actually gives me 7 warriors/grunts, so I could take 2 support and spellcasters.   Nightstalkers actually only have the one support model - so a shadowhound it is.

Of course I have more models to change things up if I decide to.

A second butcher, though if I want to take two I need to do something more to differentiate the fleshripper.

A second phantom as well

More command options - the banshee - very fiddly resin model

A shade - kind of confusing as to which way it is facing :-)

One more spectre

And I ended up with more scarecrows than I originally planned if I want to go for quantity over quality.

So there is my Nightstalker Vanguard models.  Of course the Forces of Nature come out next month (which I only have some naiads, so I'll probably pick up everything for them (of course I will, I want the cards :-) ).  But after that in May come the new Goblins - and I'm very excited about them.

Because it is all fun and games . . .