From the frozen north

So I finally finished my Northern Alliance warband (and Varangur Kings of War demo army), so time to show them off.  Again these are tabletop quality, meant for demos and to not intimidate new players.

I do really need to pick a warband and paint one up for my own use  I don't want to fall back into the trap of using my 'personal' army for demos.

I already showed off the unpainted models here, so lets see the goods!

Every warband has to start with a command model - and the snow troll prime is awesome.  I do wish they would have made a second left arm for more variety.  I did some gold trim and red cloth to mark him as the leader.

Northern Alliance warbands get one extra large model - so I didn't have to take the snow troll prime as the command - I could have just taken 2 large models.  The second large model is the ice elemental.  This is the translucent blue one ONLY available in the kickstarter (I have several of othem).  It is a struggle to claim 3 colors as I want the natural clear blue to some through - so just a blue wash and white drybrush - though the base has an additional two colors on it (making a total of 4!) so it is legal.

Next is warriors.  A huscarl is both a great model, has crusthing strength(1), so good to go after those higher armor foes.

Ice naiads have the frost trident, pinning enemies in place if they get hit (a good way to keep them there so some stronger models can later come in to finish them off.

Half-Elf berserkers start with 3 dice for melee (on a 4+), so can really do some damage.  Unfortunately this is one of those models where the sculptor decided that it was a woman so had to be on one leg.  This plus all the heads and hands/arms made this one of my less favorite models.

Then to make my five minimum is a grunt.  This is the Human Clansman, and I'm using the special Dungeon Saga Varangur model that is only available in Germany (because it is the model on the card - not to show off a rare and cool model).

Finally 5 warriors/grunts unlocks a support slot - so add in an Ice Kin Hunter to finish off the warband.

Like the others, I ended up with more models than I needed for a warband.  I painted them all, so I can adjust things if I want (or even let people pick their own forces).

First was a second snow troll - this has 'duller' armor and his loincloth is just a dull brown because he isn't a prime (if you want to take both).

My favorite model in the entire range is the Frost Fang.  As a large cavalry model it is powerful, but I find that not having ANY special rules (no crushing strength or anything) just makes the profile a little boring.

If you want to take an alternate command model, there is the Thegn

Or if you want the spellcaster the Ice Witch.

I also had an extra Ice Kin Hunter for another support choice

As well as another Ice Naiad

I have some extra dwarfs as well if I wanted to take dwarf clansmen (which I originally had in the warband, until I found that I made a mistake (I know, you are shocked that this could ever happen) and found my list was 2 points over.  I didn't paint up any elf models, though perhaps I should just to round out the options.

Because it is all fun and games . . .