When it really counts

One of the few disappointments I found with the release of Mantic Kings of War: Vanguard was the counter sheet that came with the kickstarter and is now available in the Battlefield Objectives terrain crate.

While the printed sheet doesn't look bad, I found that when you actually punched out the counters there was a significant lip left in the sheet, which shaved off enough of the counter to make them feel small (and at a half inch diameter it makes them a little harder for my old, fat fingers to pick up).

I've mentioned that I was disappointed that they did not offer acrylic counters in the kickstarter, and that I would jump at the chance to get some decent counters.  They then offered a special set in the organized play kit, but now us mere mortals can buy a set.  Well you could - it appears they are currently sold out.

Produced by Kraken Wargames, this web exclusive token set contains 48 coloured acrylic tokens for Kings of War: Vanguard. Also features a sleek tray to keep your tokens organised when travelling to events or tournaments. Be the envy of your gaming pals, with this exclusive accessory.

  • 12 x Activated Tokens
  • 13 x Wound Tokens
  • 2 x Spell Effects Tokens
  • 3 x Knocked-down Tokens
  • 2 x Braced Tokens
  • 4 x Fatigued Tokens
  • 2 x Activated & Braced Tokens
  • 2 x Activated, Braced & Fatigued Tokens
  • 2 x Activated, Knocked-down & Fatigued Tokens
  • 6 x Activated & Fatigued Tokens
  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x Vanguard branded cover

The counters come in a simple sealed plastic bag - no real commercial packaging.  I immediately noticed the rubber bands - cute but seemed weird for something outside the kickstarter.

Taking them out of the bag, they cover seemed to be a bit murky and cloudy, and then I realized that it had the 'standard' plastic film on one side to protect it.

Once I peeled that off, then the clear cover looked nice, with the acrylic game logo in the center.

Taking off the rubber bands, I then quickly discovered that the cover has nothing to actually hold it in place, as I tipped the tray and all the token promptly fell out and scattered everywhere.  So save the rubber bands kiddos!

Compared to the sheet there aren't many tokens - basically enough for one player (while the counter sheet is enough for two).  The best way to really compare them however is to show them side by side.

The wound counters are red, though the etching may be hard to see on the table.

Activation are blue, fatigue are orange, braced are green and knocked down are grey.  While technically you need the braced tokens, I have never yet wasted my activation using the brace action in any of the few games I've played (though I am concerned I won't have enough fatigued tokens).

They also include clear, multi-status tokens - activated & braced, activated & fatigued, activated, braced and fatigued, and one that is NOT on the standard counter sheet - activated, fatigued and knocked down.  While nice, these are going to be very difficult to tell apart on the table.

There are only two spell effect markers in the set (as compared to 8 on the sheet), but so far I haven't needed them yet, so they should be plenty.

Like most acrylic tokens, they are a little on the expensive side ( $29.99 a set ) (when you can get the battlefield objectives for the same price which includes 13 pieces of objectives for the game as well as the cardboard tokens), however it does make you warband just a little better looking on the table.

Just remember to keep the rubber bands on to hold the lid in place!

Because it is all fun and games . . .