The Epitome of Evil

While there may be some issues if the Basileans are truly 'good', there is no doubt that the Abyssals are the purest definition of evil in the world of Mantica.  With the Vanguard kickstarter, they got a bunch of new models. (Once again, painted to a basic tabletop standard, so as to inspire but not intimidate new players) You can see them in the raw here

For my command, I picked the seductress - because she was new.  At the time I forgot I actually had a Tormentor (i.e. abyssal champion) model, but again, I want the shiny new stuff.

Of course I needed the new Flamebearer for a grunt.  It is a bit surprising to me that this is such a cool model but still the lowest level in Vanguard - I can easily see people using him as an Efreet in Kings of War.

Lower abyssals are the other grunts.  There are no new sculpts for these, and I still had plenty of them left over (that the dogs didn't chew up)

For warriors I wanted both variations of the new Abyssal Guards.  These are basically more heavily armed and armored lower abyssals, but there was no easy way to indicate this on the plastic kits, so these are nice.

Also, I did manage to have one last succubus in my bits bin (having sold all my sprues to a friend so he could continually kick my ass with his abyssal army).  I purposefully chose the ONLY pair of legs that have both on the ground.

Three grunts and three warriors gives me two spellcasters and two support.  For the support I wanted to use the new models, so a Hellequin.  There is no real difference between this and the Bloodmasque model - if you want more cavalry (and should fit well with the Abyssal Horsemen for Kings of War.

 The other was the Succubus Lurker - which is a different model.

Lastly, taking up both a spellcaster and the large slot is the new Abyssal Warlock.  This was a tough choice, but I just really liked this model - with the fat guy with tiny wings just make it complete.

Of course I had more models left.  At one point I was looking for another succubi, and I remembered I had several sets of Dungeon Saga abyssal miniatures - which included a succubus, lower abyssal, flamebearer, abyssal guard and even a hell hound.

But I did have more of the new models - a second lurker (I don't care for the helmet of the arm next to the body on that model), flamebearer and hellequin.  Plus I found the Tormentor and added him to the bin.

However there are two new models that I really wish I could fit in because I like them.  The first are the new gargoyles. The mantic gargoyles have always had a problem, and these sculpts greatly improved on the stability - I don't see these breaking at all.  Many (MMC 6, PMC 7, FMC 10) of them would be cool in Kings of War - maybe as Bas'su'su's gargoyles?

The other one is the Despoiler - a cavalry version of the Moloch.  This is a nice model.  However I have heard of people wanting to use it as a Moloch, or add other Molochs to it to make a unit of Despoilers - and I don't like that because it would be too difficult to know which was which if you did this.  But the model itself is nice.

Now I just have to finish up my other two warbands - but these are also with KoW armies, so taking a a little more time (as I write this Northern Alliance / Varangur are about 80% complete - so by the time you read it they should be done!)

Because it is all fun and games . . .