Sponsor Spotlight : Shogun Miniatures

As everybody who is anybody should know, the 2nd annual War Kings GT is rapidly approaching, so it is time for another Sponsor Spotlight - this time featuring one of our favorites - Shogun Miniatures!

If you are at all interested in upgrading the bases for your miniatures, then I cannot recommend Shoguns magnetic bases enough.  I try (and ultimately fail) to keep enough on hand for any new project - but never seem to have what I need, so I probably order from them twice a year.

I first started using magnetic bases many years ago (back in my Warhammer days) just to keep the miniatures from constantly falling out of the movement trays.  I have made my own (using magnetic tape), and also used to them them from GF9 (and their rubber steel magnetically receptive sheets).  However these were always a bit sloppy.  They were thick, and ALWAYS had some of the magnetic 'dust' from the cutting process on them.  In addition, they were beveled (so the bottom of the base was slightly larger than the top) and I often found that after painting them, I had to trim some of the bases just to fit in the movement trays.

Then I found these, and I have never looked back.  They are half as thick but just as strong (or stronger).  They are exactly square - with also means that if you have to combine two (or more) to make a bigger one, you can.  Finally, they come clean and ready to use.  There is no more trimming or cleaning required, and no magnetic 'dust' on them at all.

Not only that, but they have a huge variety of standard sizes, working with not just fantasy miniatures, but historicals as well.  However if they don't stock the size you need, they are very happy to make you custom ones.

At this point I multi-base ALL my Kings of War armies - generally making the smallest unit base and combining them to make bigger units (i.e. 2 troop to make a regiment, 2 regiments to make a horde).  In fact I have been doing this so long that when Vanguard came out and I suddenly needed to put those models on single bases - well I had to place a big order yet again.

And now they have round (and hex) bases as well.  So all of my Deadzone and Warpath models that I had to make my own magnetic bases (again, magnetic tape) are in the process of being replaced (which is assuming that I am actually up models for those games :-) ).  Not only that, but it just occurred to me that I could use the hex bases for Dreadball minis

They also carry steel movement trays - which come either flat or flanged (i.e. they have a small lip on three sides, to keep you minis from sliding off.  The benefit compared to other trays is they effectively add nothing to the unit size since the lip is neglible (not like wooden trays, that often have lips as wide as 1/4" on them).

They sponsored our tournament last year and are doing it again this year.

Chariot, Large Infantry, Cavalry, Infantry and Orc bases
Flanged steel magnetic movement trays, in a wide variety of sizes.
Like last year, I'll be bundling up trays and bases (hopefully in bundles that make sense) to have on the prize table for the door prize raffle.

The only improvement I could ever see would not be with the product, but the outdated web site design.  The customer service is fantastic - in general being able to return a quote for an order via email within a day, and lately I've been getting my bases in a week (for in stock items) or two (for custom bases).

So once you decide to move up from the mdf or plastic bases that come with the models and play with the big boys, Shogun is my number one recommendation.

Because it is all fun and games . . .