Ruled with a holy fist

I've been playing Kings of War since first edition came out (and had started buying Mantic models two years before) with a whole 8 factions (and now there are 21), so I remember one of the first expansions, the Basilean Legacy - where Basileans, Forces of Nature and Forces of the Abyss were first introduced.

One of the interesting aspects of the Basileans are that in a lot of ways, they don't fit what we normally think of as 'good'.  They are ruled by a dictator and brook no dissension or disagreement.  He rules with the power of the church behind him, and he and their power are absolute.  However, the angels (Elohi) come down from the heavens to do battle with them on their side against the evil hordes of the abyss.  So with the angels on your side you must be good, right?

Now the Basileans are one of the initial releases for Vanguard - so of course I have them as a demo warband (again painted to a simple tabletop standard).  I showed the bare models here

For the Basileans, I got the full kickstarter package - which is the three resin models and 1.5 of the starter sets (for kickstarter, the starter sets had 3 of each model, while the retail version only has 2).  This gave me nearly everything available for the faction (the only exception is the War Wizard, originally sculpted for the Kings of War second edition kickstarter and only now released as a web exclusive).

So first is the required commander.  I picked the Dictator simply because I didn't have the three additional points for the Abbess.

The grunts for the Basileans are the Men-at-Arms - who got a brand new hard plastic sprue.  The only issue with the new models (at least for Vanguard) is which option do you build - sword & board, spear, or crossbows?  I made some of all of them, and then when I was finalizing everything had to switch a spear for a sword.

I also added a crossbowman.  So much nicer all in plastic vs. the old metal addons.  Though the number of arm bits on the sprue is a bit confusing as to what goes with each configuration - but with only one sprue (5 models) I didn't have enough to play with to figure all of them out.

For warriors, the sisterhood also have new sculpts - and these are much better proportioned (no more man-hands!)  Now why they ALL have to be on one foot I never understand.

One of my favorite of the new models is the Sisterhood Scout.  I don't know, there is something that I just really liked about the cloaked, kneeling model shooting from afar (my favorite enforcer models for Deadzone is the sniper as well).

Three grunts and three warriors gives me room (but not the points) for 2 support and 2 spellcasters.  I picked one of each.  For support the Gur Panther - because the sisters need their kitties.

For the spellcaster (since I don't have a war wizard), I picked the Paladin Chaplain.  I don't really like that they use the same model with different weapons for the Chaplain and Defender - though looking at them the chaplain is a defender with spells.  The real key is being able to tell them apart IF you field both.

Of course every warband gets one large models (and so far they are cool (and powerful) enough that I'm not sure if anyone will choose NOT to take one.  The only option here is the new Ogre Palace Guard.  I didn't add any extra to the Basileans, and this is the only model for which I wish I had - he comes with sets of arms and two heads - so you could easily make 4 different variations.

And with that making 200 pts, I have some extra models.  The Abess is another option for command (yes, I have managed to lose one of the wings on her back).

The other command option is the Veteran Sergent.  His is different than the Sergent (who is a warrior) because he holds the standard, making him inspiring.

I have two more men-at-arms for grunts - one with a spear and the other with a crossbow.

The paladin defender is also a warrior option - it is so obvious that he isn't a spellcaster since he isn't holding a mace.

For support, I have another panther (pretty much identical to the other one)

Finally there is the veteran sister, because when they attain this status they take off their hoods and use flails instead of swords.

Of course we know the Basileans are good because they are diametrically opposed to the Forces of the Abyss, the epitome of evil.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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