Happy Blogday to Me!

Wow.  Four years and still going (knock wood). Yes, I started this whole little experiment on February 15th, 2015.  So today is my fourth Blogiversary.

So what does that mean?  Well for those going back, it looks like it extends all the way to 2007, but that is because I decided to consolidate my various forum posts here (where they wouldn't disappear if the forums got shut down).  These were Carpe Noctem for my Grateful Undead army, Da Warpath for da Beech Boyz, and the (now gone) Mantic forums where, when I first became a pathfinder, we were required to post).  Plus I had been doing a monthly email newsletter as well.

So there are a total of 159 backdated posts.  When this goes live (I really like the way you can forward and back date posts, scheduling them when you need them to go up) it will by my 625th post (with five more currently in the pipeline) making 466 posts I have written since I started this little venture.

At first it was fairly random, then I committed to once a week, then twice a week.  I have done many additional posts as well when I felt I had 'breaking' news - but to be brutally honest those aren't happening nearly as much because I need to save them for regular posts - after over 450 posts I often find myself struggling to come up with something.

I did take my first blog-cation this past year when I went down to the Caribbean for my birthday (and well, this was a time I was struggling to find something to write about).

I know I have a small audience, and unfortunately it seems to be aimed at a limited enough market that it isn't really growing.  If I don't copy each new link to several Facebook groups then I struggle to get a hundred views.  If I don't post it to Facebook at all - well then I don't get a couple of dozen loyal victims readers.

So thank you to all of you who do read my manic scribblings twice a week.  I plan to keep this up as long as I can think of things to write about and bad jokes to bombard you with.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Happy blogday!!. Mate, 100 views is an awesome amount of views considering the narrowness of our hobby and the huge number of blogs covering it. Spoken as someone who's lucky to break 40 views a post!. Here's to the next three years.

  2. keep up with the good work, i love this blog it inspires me to hobby quite bit

  3. I belong to that group of ppl, that come regularly and not over FB. I enjoy reading your blog a lot... so congratulations! and: don't give up.

    There are not enough resources for KoW out there, or they are slowly dying I feel. Maybe everything moved to the fast-paced social media world (which I don't frequent) or its a general loss of players, now that GW is catering to the masses again, I don't know. I think part of kow invisibility in the bloggosphere is the rather generic fluff that doesn't necessarily invite to explore the world further with your imagination and miniatures. the limited amount of plastic kits makes that more dooming, as conversions (which is something I especially like) are limited or if GW bits can be used then we are back at square one (lack of fluff)... okay we are already in offtopic territory here. What I meant to say: I really like your ramblings ;) if it is up to me, I would also enjoy seeing stages of the build up of your fantastic armies (postal service or whatever)... so if you ever build a new army, include the way there maybe. :) keep up the good work!


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