Sponsor Spotlight: Peacekeeper Games

The clock keeps ticking, getting us closer and closer to the War Kings GT!  Today we take a look at another sponsor - our friends over at Peacekeeper Games.
Peacekeeper games was started by Karl Kersten with a small kickstarter back in the fall of 2017, to begin the production of Precision Pivoting Arcs.  Last year we got a few arcs to give away as a prize, but this year they have given us a special deal, and every player is going to get an arc!

If you aren't familiar with these, I've already talked about them here and here.

Really, these are perfect for new players, new units, or that one guy (not you of course) in your gaming group that always manages pivot his units a little too much, or ends up sliding them over (unintentionally, of course), or is still so ingrained in his old warhammer ways that he wants to pivot from the corner instead of the center.

These arcs do NOT have the marking painted on them - but still have the original laser cut stencils attached.  If you are familiar with the way that a lot of acrylic items are manufactured, they come in sheets with a thin protective paper layer on the top to keep them from getting scratched.  It is fairly easy to peel off.

For these, the protective layer has been laser cut as a stencil for the markings - so if you don't want to leave it on, you can simply paint over the paper, then once it has thoroughly dried you should be able to peel it off, leaving the marks on the arc below.

We have a wide variety of sizes, and an enormous selection of colors (green, green, green, and oh yes, green).
Large Infantry Regiment and Horde
Cavalry Troop and Regiment
Large Cavalry Regiment and Horde
Infantry Horde and Legion
One addition since last year is these have started to come with the back painted with a rubberized paint - to help keep the arcs from sliding around on the tabletop while in use.

rubberized paint on the back to keep them from slipping
So thank you to Peacekeeper Games for once again being a sponsor of the War Kings GT.  Honestly, they are making me feel a bit like Oprah - "You get and arc - and your get an arc - and you get an arc!  Everybody gets an arc!!!". 

Ok, so she swapped the letters around slightly just to get everyone a little excited (you know how it is on tv) - but it is basically the same thing.

Because it is all fun and games . . .