Sponsor Spotlight: GameMat.eu

The second annual War Kings GT is less than two months away, and we are starting to get some great stuff from our sponsors.

Some of the sponsors like to give lots of samples for swag bags, some like to give prizes, and some give us a gift that keeps on giving.

GameMat.eu is one of these.  For the second year, they are sponsoring the tournament by providing battle mats.  Battle mats are great because they are fairly light weight, portable, and make your tables look great.

We got two mats again this year - Highlands in War and Battleground.  These are great for Kings of War as they are outdoor settings (where a lot of the sci-fi oriented mats are more urban centered, or even printed with interiors).

Highlands in War is your basic field.  There are a few rocks here and there, as well as some patches where the grass has worn thin and mud shows through.

The art is very detailed on the mat, with some of it looking almost photo-realistic.

These are cloth mats with neoprene backing.

They have square corners - which some people will say is bad, but in the several years I've been running events I have never found it to be an issue.

The battleground mat has a bit more of a wasteland feel.

Larges swathes of dried mud lay cracked under the hot sun, and the vegetation is struggling to come back.

While it looks quite rocky, most of it is in fact dried, caked mud flats

There are even a few tiny details, rocks and weapons that have been left behind

A very appropriate battlefield for some of the 'rougher' armies, such as Orcs or Ogres

One thing that is often passed over when people first think about gaming mats are how to transport them.  Most of them come in zippered bags - so you can roll up the mat and easily carry it.  The quality of these can vary quite a bit (I have one that is already starting to tear), but these are quite good.  The straps wrap around the bag and are sewn on, and the double zipper is heavy duty.

The bags also have a small strap at both ends, which can be used to hang the mats in the bags, as well as make a great place to put on a luggage tag to help you make sure you get your bag back.   I actually make tags with pictures of the mat on one side and my card on the other, so I know which mat goes with which bag.

So if you are looking for gaming mats, give GameMat.eu a look.  They also have other sizes, including 3'x3' (which you need for Vanguard).  And if you are one to get bored playing on the same mat all the time, they even have a few DOUBLE sided mats - so printed cloth on both sides (with the neoprene layer in the middle).  The double sided mats are a little more expensive, but less than buying two mats (so could be a great deal for your home game table).

Thank you to Matous Hlousek and GameMat.eu for sponsoring the War Kings GT, helping us to make not only this tournament better - but future tournaments as well!  (Sorry, we aren't giving mats as prizes until we more than we need for future GTs - and if we can eventually grow to be one of the really big ones (like Lady of the Lake) well, that is a long way off.

Because it is all fun and games . . .