Like the Tide and the Storm

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a gamer.  Not only that, but I raised my kids to be gamers as well.  Of course while they will always be my kids, they are all now adults, moved out and living on their own.  (The daughter that I didn't really raise (because I married her mother the same weekend that she graduated high school) isn't a gamer, but I plan on working with my granddaughter (and other grandkids) to make sure they have at least some gaming experience (she already had a big stuffed D20 that the really loves to play with :-) ).

Of the kids I did raise, both girls love role playing, and my oldest son is also into miniatures (as well as RPGs).  My youngest has also always been a fan of miniatures, and it was a proud day as a gamer father when he told me that he got a job (yes, a real paying job) as a professional game designer.  Yes, he gets paid (in money, not just plastic crack to feed an addiction like mine (and I can quit any time I want to!)) to be a geek!

So what happens when you mix a geek child and Christmas (with a father who all the kids say is very hard to buy for)?  Why a copy of the new game he is working on, of course!

He got me a copy of the rules for The Other Side, as well as a bunch of Gibbering Hordes miniatures (his brother got Abyssinia ).  We had a chance to do one turn of a game before he had to head back down to Atlanta (all of that adult responsibility and what not), so I don't yet have a perfect grasp of the rules, but the minis, like all the ones that Wyrd does, are excellent.

The Gibbering Hordes are one of the 'Malifaux' syndicate factions (as opposed to 'Earth' syndicate ones) - so effectively are evil.  They are aquatic monsters, so pretty cool.  The Allegiance Box has three units and a commander.

Views of the Allegiance Box
And the tray of minis in the box
Each allegiance box has some of the same parts to enable a single player to start playing (except for the rules, which actually are available on-line).  You get a set of cardboard objective markers, and a set of cardboard game tokens ( Tactics, Reinforcement / Pinned , and Inspired / Shaken )

For the Gibbering Hordes and Abyssinia, you also get some terrain cutouts.  (I assume you get something for the other two allegiance boxes as well (Cult of the Burning Man, and King's Empire).  It even came with a little tape measure and basic fate deck.

The Gibbering Hordes can spawn from these, and while other factions treat them as difficult they do not.

Malifaux and The Other Side do not use dice, instead they use the Fate Deck.  You can actually use a normal deck of playing cards for this, but the ones they make have the new suits so you don't have to translate them.

It also comes with Strategem cards (for the specific allegiance as well the appropriate Syndicate)

There are also cards for each unit (the front of the card includes a picture of the models, the back is an improved version of the unit), as well as assets (which are purchasable skills / items).

All the models are pre-assembled (though you still have to glue them to their bases.)  The game uses round bases, but has them in fire teams - where the round bases fit into a larger round base.  Commanders and other individual models have lipped bases.  Since the Gibbering Hordes are all monsters, their smallest base is 40mm, with three to a fire team (some of the human models may be five to a team and 25 mm bases).

The box includes two units of Striped Skulkers - basic cannon fodder.  There are two units of 9 models each (so 18 total), with five different sculpts.

There is one unit of Karkinoi - 9 models again with five sculpts.  The Gibbering Hordes are cannibalistic - they get better when they eat their own models - and the Karkinoi can lay eggs as an action so you don't have to pay the points for them.

The commander in the allegiance box is the Storm Siren

In addition, he got me few additional boxes - a second commander, another unit, and the egg clutch model to use with the Karkinoi.

The Frenzy are an interesting commander choice - as it is a unit of three models instead of just the one.  This allows them to do more (as each model gets an action on their turn).  And they are sharks!

The Armored Whelks are crabs with really tough shells, making them very hard to wound.  The unit is six models.

The egg clutch is there to be eaten and improve your other units during the game.  The model also comes with 4 tokens that can be used as well.

He also got me the faction specific fate deck.  Instead of having the generic suit symbols, the face cards all have art from the units.

I'm looking forward to actually reading the rules and giving the game a try.  There are also Titan models for each faction - big monsters - and I so love big monsters!  Of course now that I have some of the models, I am wishing that I had backed the kickstarter to get more of them!

Because it is all fun and games . . .