Curse you and your inevitable betrayal

The final Star Saga expansion from the kickstarter is The Devil's Betrayal.  After the Eiras Contract, there are rumors of more "Vector-P" being held by Rebel soldiers on Kyoorani Prime.  Of course, nothing is quite what is expected . . .

Of course there is a rulebook, with six new scenarios, two new mercenaries, two new bosses and five (ok, four actually) new minions.

In addition there are two tile sheets with new tiles and counters.

There are also new nexus cards for this scenario, as well as loot, rare items, mission bonus and skill cards that can be used in this game as well as adding to your collection for custom scenarios and mercenaries.

But honestly, everyone wants to see the new minis, not more pictures of the backs of cards that look just like the backs of cards from all the other sets (and no, I'm not going to show the details :-p.

The two new bosses are Sergeant Erriq Umansar and Shayo Silverback

Sergeant Erriq Umunsar
Shayo Silverback
 You have a new human and Asterian mercenary.  Ector Zanchez is the human, but the Asterian is from Deadzone - Nastanza.

Ector Zanchez
There are five cards and five new models for the minions.    Retake the Blackstar Station had all new Veer-Myn, and this does almost the same thing for the Rebs.  The Simian Brawler is completely new, and the Rin Nomad is from Deadzone.  The Sorak Swordspawn also exists in Deadzone, though the Syphr Hunter is (I think) new.  Finally there is a Human Trooper - and while named differently (both the card and the weapon), it has the EXACT same stats as the Human Rebel in the Character and Mission creator set (thus getting only 4 real new minions).

Simian Brawler
Rin Nomad
Sorak Sworkspawn
Sphyr Hunter
Human Trooper
So with all the expansions (hopefully hitting retail over the next year) there is plenty of games to play, enough to keep anyone plenty busy for quite a while, and that is without creating any of your own.

Because it is all fun and games . . .