Braving the Depths

Wave 2 of the Star Saga kickstarter includes several add-ons.  These were extra, so not everyone got them.

One was a printed version of the extra scenarios, and the revised Project Pandora rules.  This comes in a single book - Beyond Eiras Mission Book.

There are 15 more missions in this book.  The first 10 are some loosely linked stories using the  new kickstarter models - so you get missions recommended for these models.  There are then two missions that are a prelude to the core game, played with Monarch as the sole mercenary.  The final three missions form a set called Nexwood, and are intended as a separate campaign.

Some people remember the old board game that Mantic produced some time ago - Project Pandora.  Much like the original Dwarf Kings Hold (which was originally meant to use the Kings of War plastic models) this was sold with the original Warpath models.  It was a tile based PVP game, and a lot of people liked it.

Well one of the stretch goals of the kickstarter was to refresh the rules to use the Star Saga base.  Everyone got a download of these new rules, but this book included them in print as well.  So get your GCPS and Veer-myn ready to do battle in the depths of a ship in space!

Terror in the Deep was listed in the Kickstarter as a 'mini-expansion'.  I find this kind of humorous, as it will be sold as a full expansion at retail (while the 'full expansion' Fear in the Darkness will most likely be a mini-expansion available for points).  The reason was that the kickstarter funded the new Nameless models that everyone got - but they wanted to have rules for them as well.  So they made a Kickstarter exclusive expansion.

But they wanted to have a commercial version as well.  This would come with the Nameless models, but since everyone in the kickstarter HAD a set, they sold is as a mini-expansion (since you did not get the nameless models that you would if you bought it at retail).

So what DO you get in this 'mini-expansion?'  Of course you get the mission book with six missions.  You will have also gotten the two extra missions in the kickstarter that use the Goliath model - those will fit in with these.

 You get two new mercenary cards (So Hin and Ota Sora), and two new boss cards for the Terror and the Blight.

There are a dozen new nexus cards (six events and six 'normal' cards)

You also get a set of six minion cards for the minions that would have been included in the retail edition.  Yes, this means if you bought this you will have 2 sets of cards for them)

There are also new rare items, mission bonus, loot and skill cards.  These can be used not only for this expansion, but also if you are making your own mercenaries or scenarios.

There are also two sheets of tiles / counters.  The one side is fairly plain, while the other is covered in gribbly tentacled art, to give the the scenario a bit more atmosphere (and who doesn't want more tentacles!)

There are some miniatures that you do get with it for the new mercenaries and the new bosses.

The Terror
The Blight
So Hin
Ota Sora
So lots of new stuff that uses some of what you got as bonuses in the kickstarter (though of course as I've said, the retail version will have a full set (i.e. 3 of each) of the nameless minions as well.

But nameless aren't the only things that go bump in the depths of space - but some of those others will have to wait until next time.

Because it is all fun and games . . .