Taking an Objective view

The new fantasy skirmish game from Mantic, Kings of War: Vanguard, was just released and the kickstarter backers should all have their copies by now.  This not only is an entirely new game, but it also created over 50 new miniature that can also be used in Kings of War as well.

I have always been a big proponent of 3D terrain for any type of wargame.  It can occasionally get in the way, but it looks so much better than flat pictures.  One of the awesome ideas that Mantic did with Vanguard was to create a specific set of terrain (to be released under their TerrainCrate line) for Vanguard objectives.  These give you 3D objectives for 7 of the 12 scenarios in the book.

1. Supply Grab

There are three piles of supplies.  There are also two piles of treasure you can use for this as well.

There is also a "Runestone" model that does not have a specific scenario, so it can be used as a supply pile or other objective marker.

2. Light the Beacon

A beacon, plus detachable flames (so it is very easy to see if it is lit or not)

3. Free the Princess

A captured princess.

4. Recover the Plans

A dead spy (complete with his horse).  You may need a supply objective as well

5. Kill the Bard!

A bard!  This was a little surprising, as I expected Mantic to just include a Ronaldo the Bard figure from the KoW 2 kickstarter, and they actually included a card for that model.  But instead they included a brand new alternate Ronaldo sculpt.  No previews of this were shown, and at this time I'm not sure if it is include in the TerrainCrate set or not (it is NOT listed there)

Original Ronaldo the Bard from the Kings of War 2 Kickstarter (primed) and the new one.
6. The Dragon's Egg

The egg of a Dragon.  The sculpt for this was also not shown, and I am a little disappointed (I wanted the egg to have a little more of the dragon coming out).

7. The Power Stones

Three Power Stones.  I really like the carvings making each of these individual.

However you are not left out in the cold for the other scenarios

8. Capture the Giant

If you haven't noticed, they have released a fantastic (and HUGE) giant kit

9. Destroy the Baggage Train

Part of the Terrain Crate line was a horse and wagon, with supplies that fit in the wagon.  This is both part of the Baggage Train and the Blacksmith & Stable sets, both of which should be coming soon.  Unfortunately each of these only has one - it would be nice if they would release a set with three.

10. Burn the Stores

This is the only scenario for which Mantic does not currently make the terrain - you need two buildings for it.  However - see below

11. Secure the Portal

The Dark Lord's Tower set includes a portal that, coincidentally, is perfect for this scenario.

12. Kill the Commander

The campsite set has two different tents in it.  This entire set would make sense for this scenario (ok, you need 3 tents, but still).

One more thing that was part of the kickstarter was new hard plastic ruins. A sprue came in the larger pledges (i.e. not the rule book only ones).

Of course I can't help but be reminded of the Deadzone Terrain Crate line, as well as the Mars Attacks! terrain.  The connectors are different, and are NOT snap fit - you must glue your terrain together.  I don't actually see this as a detriment, as I have glued all my Deadzone terrain together anyway.

I put my one sprue together (this was one item I did not get more of, and maybe should have)

The corner connectors are interesting.  They come in two sizes, however it is extremely easy to clip off a section to make them fit the height you want.

I like this, but I feel very limited by just this one sprue.  However I bet that Ronnie had this in mind - give everyone a little taste to get them hooked.

Now that we have all seen it, we will want more.  I know I do.  We need full walls (and openings in one for a door, another with windows (oh, and the door should fit one of the existing dungeon doors!).  We also need something to do roofs - thatch probably.  But while you are at it, how about a wooden walls - they could actually be the same design with different texture on them (or all new ones even better!).

I think this line would go over well - the other terrain crate lines have been selling, and it would be nice to have modular fantasy terrain as well (and even have the "intact" pieces able to be connected on all four sides - which could allow you to build a castle from it - in case you ever wanted to have some type of Kings of War game scenario based around such a thing.

Because it is all fun and games . . .