Only in your dreams

Ever since the Uncharted Empires supplement came out for Kings of War, people have been asking for miniatures for their nightstalker armies.

Then, with the Vanguard Kickstarter, Mantic released a nightstalker warband, and even had some options to buy more minis for this army for Kings of War.  ICV2 leaked that in January, the wait it over, and Mantic is releasing the full Nightstalker Kings of War army!

Nightstalker Army - $89.99
The Nightstalkers are the dreams, nightmares, fears, and horrors of mortals made manifest. Although their incursions into our realm are thankfully rare, the devastation caused by such events is absolute on both a physical and emotional level.
  • 40 Hard Plastic Spectres/Scarecrows
  • 5 Resin and Plastic Shadowhounds
  • 3 Plastic Butchers
  • 1 Plastic Horror
  • 1 Resin Shade
Of course go big or go home

Nightstalker Mega Army - $149.99
When the power of the Abyss waxes strong, large forces of Nightstalkers tear their way into reality. Mewling, skittering hordes advance, lead by ancient cyclopean beings from the darkest depths of existence. Survivors of such attacks are rare and all who do escape lose their minds and souls forever.
  • 30 Hard Plastic Spectres/Scarecrows
  • 10 Resin and Plastic Phantoms
  • 10 Resin and Plastic Reapers
  • 6 Plastic Butchers
  • 1 Plastic Horror
  • 1 Resin and Plastic Terror
Now, for those of you paying close attention, there is something to be to noticed here.  Do you see it?  Check again, I'll wait.

Back?  Good.  I know you found it.
  • 1 Resin and Plastic Terror
The Terror was NOT part of the kickstarter!  Plus this it will not be available separately until later this year.
This appears to be based on the Nameless Goliath (for Deadzone and Star Saga, and hopefully Warpath soon) with a new head and legs.

I find it interesting that this is almost the 1000 point demo army that I planned to build from my kickstarter goodies (I included the Mind Screech and 40 scarecrows (along with the 10 spectres), and do not have the Terror (of course) or Horror.

Something else I noticed in the descriptions of the Shadowhounds, Phantoms and Reapers.  These are all described as resin and plastic models, while the Vanguard kickstarter versions are all plastic.  So does this mean there is more variability in the Kings of War regiment sets?  We'll just have to see when they become available in January.  

Of course Mantic wants to support the retailers, so in addition to the armies, they are coming out with three units NOT funded nor available from the kickstarter:

Nightstalker Shadowhulk - $49.99
Titans of the ether, these former giant Cyclopes retain only a passing resemblance to their long forgotten mortal forms. Now, they are covered in weeping sores, extra mouths, wicked spines, and hands that have fused into fleshless lumps of solid bone.

Note how this is a PLASTIC and RESIN kit - it is based on the plastic giant, with a new head and arms
Nightstalker Fiends Regiment - $39.99
Fiends prey on hatred and jealousy. Empowered by these powerful emotions, they are drawn to those who lot and scheme revenge and spin webs of lies. They are terrifying, arachnid-like monsters with venomous fangs and a chitinous armour that reflects no light.

  • 3 Multipart Resin Fiends
I really want to see these ranked up.  Buy two regiments and multibase five of them, leaving one separately as a Dreadfiend!

Nightstalker Needlefangs Regiment - $19.99
The slightest opening is enough to invite the presence of these foul beasts. They can pour through keyholes and under doors as they flow towards their food. Needle-fangs form a black tide of crawling, skittering, shapeless things and spiteful, hungry warp pixies.

  • 3 Metal Needlefangs Swarms
I'm guessing these are single piece models (much like the Empire of Dust Swarm.

Who else is finding their inner-fanboy turning into a gibbering, drooling mess wanting these new toys?

Because it is all fun and games . . .