Tuft Love

Both my regular readers probably know by now that I support the occasional kickstarter.  (No, I don't have a problem.  I can stop at any time I want to.  I just don't want to.  Maybe you have the problem!) (Ok, fine.  Hello, my name is Mike and I'm a kickstarter addict).

I don't do EVERY kickstarter I see, or even every one that interests me.  There are some criteria I use.

  1. Mantic.  Being a pathfinder, I need to be able to demo their new games and promote them.  There are only three of theirs I did not back, and I ended up buying everything at retail later anyway (ok, Loka was run by them but really wasn't theirs)
  2. Too cool to resist.  Occasionally I see something that just triggers the "IT MUST BE MINE" instinct, and I can't stop myself.  (As a side note, of all the kickstarters that I have not delivered as promised (right now about 4%),  almost all of them fit in this category)
  3. To support the company / person.  I like to support the little guy, and prefer, when possible, to spend my money with the guy just starting out than a big corporation.
So this falls into the third category.  I first saw Huge Miniatures at Cincycon this year - and bought a bag of static grass from them (they also gave me some suggestions that HUGELY (pun intended) improved some of my terrain).  They are a small startup out of Cleveland, so when I saw their kickstarter I figured I'd throw them a few bucks.

They just finished fulfilling the kickstarter.  It was a little over a month late (not bad if you are familiar with kickstarters at all).

The kickstarter was for scenic grass tufts & flowers.  These are little clumps of static grass you can use on your miniatures to add some color and texture.  These are more specific and detailed than just gluing static grass to the base.

The kickstarter had 34 different varieties, and impressively raised 16 times their modest initial goal (this is why they ended up slightly late - it ended up being much bigger than they planned.

I decided to go with the debris set - six colors of grass mixed with pieces of rock and rubble.  I figured that if I was going to add some spot highlights to my bases, I wanted them as interesting as possible. 

Fertile grass w/ debris
Muddy grass w/ debris
Tundra grass w/ debris
Desert grass w/ debris
Mossy grass w/ debris
Burnt grass w/ debris
Keep watching their website - https://hugeminis.com/ as I expect these to become available for retail orders very soon.

Because it is all fun and games