The best four days of gaming in 2018

So another Gencon is done and gone.  All that remains is the recovery and lingering con-crud that I think I may have gotten a little bit of this year.  However for once I still have my voice, so that is a bonus!

Overall it was a good show - and I haven't put all the numbers together (because I was busy simply collapsing after I getting home from Indianapolis and collapsing) but it seemed that my events did not have the turnout they did before (at least the Learn to Play Kings of War events).

Of course I took some pictures.

Trying out their first game
Learning to play on Sunday Morning
Or course one of the highlights of Gencon is Mantic night - this year held at the Hard Rock Cafe' on Saturday night.  There was a great turnout - the place was simply packed!  Ronnie talked about upcoming plans (though no new secrets), though you do have to watch out what happens once he starts getting a few drinks into him
some things simply can't be unseen :-)

Ok - Ronnie wasn't really doing an impromptu striptease for everyone, he just changed shirts before the event actually started, but I thought we should get a little beefcake in the blog :-)

They had demos for the new Hellboy game (you can still get in on a late pledge for the kickstarter here, but it is only open until August 13th, so you had better hurry).

box and rulebook
Abe Sapien agent card and miniature
Hellboy card and miniature
Frog-hemoth boss monster
minion miniatures
Doom and investigation board
They also had Here's Negan out for Demos

Negan and walker cards
tiles and minis
more walkers
survivor cards
In addition, John Jack's Barroom Brawl also made an appearance - a Dungeon Saga skirmish set after the adventures get back and are simply trying to have a drink in the pub.

Mantic also had some of the new vanguard miniatures out.  Unfortunately the lighting on the table was crap, so I had to use the flash, so the the pictures aren't as good as I'd like.  (Someday I will actually bring my old, small, battery powered light box to one of these!)

Night Stalker Butcher
Night Stalker ShadowHound
Night Stalker Phandom
Night Stalker Reaper
Night Stalker Horror
Northern Alliance Snow Troll
Basilean Sisterhood
Basilean Sisterood Archer
Basilean Gur Panther
Basilean Dictator
Basilean Men-at-arms Sergeant
Abyssal Abyssal Guard
Abyssal Gargoyle
Friday night was the How You Use It! tournament.  This is a different experience for a lot of people - instead of bringing your own army, you play with a different random 1000 pt army each turn (ok, my demo armies).  It makes for some great fun and an interesting challenge as you attempt to figure out how to use a new army that you may never have played before.

Plaques for the winners
Round 1 getting started
Grant Fetter playing Brotherhood against Andrew Summers with Abyssal Dwarfs
John Blakemore playing Basileans against Bradley Duncan with Ratkin
Jackson Blakemore with Goblins vs Matthew Temple playing Elves
Round 2
Matthew playing Trident Realms against John playing Empire of Dust
Jackson playing Orcs against Grant with Ogres
Andrew playing Goblins against Brad playing Elves
Round 3
Jackson playing Nature vs Brad playing undead
Grant with Twilight Kin vs John with Dwarfs
round 4
Matt with Nature v Grant w/Undead
John using Romans against Andrew with Celts (Barbarians)
Brad's Abyssals vs Jackson's Kingdoms of Men
Andrew Sherman, John Blakemore, Jackson Blackmore, Matthew Temple, Grnat Fetter, Bradley Dunlap
Andrew Summers, 1st place
Matthew Temple, 2nd Place
Grant Fetter, 3rd Place
Full results are on warscore, of course.

This tournament replaced the old mega-battle - because the game put on by Blake and Rusty simply puts my little skirmish to shame.  20000+ points per side - and they plan to have TWO of these running at Adepticon next year (not just Undead v Elves & Dwarfs, but adding in Trident Realms v Forces of the Abyss!)

Saturday saw the Kings of Gencon escalation tournament, where players start with a 1000 pt army, then each game they add an additional 500 points, so ending the four games with a 2500 pt game.  We had 12 players this year and all had a great time.

Round 1
Frank Bradford v Jon Carter
Andrew Summers v Kara Brown
Bradley Dunlap v Chris Jankowski
Amy Stamper v Alan Wigness
Matthew Temple v Tim Akers
Ben Jankowski v Bob Boggs
Round 2
Tim Akers v Ben Jankowski
Kara Brown v Bob Boggs
Chris Jankowsi v Andrew Summers
Amy Stamper v Jon Carter
Alan Wigness v Bradley Duncan
Matthew Temple v Frank Bradford
Jon Carter's Undead
Matthew Temple's Forces of the Abyss
Amy Stamper's Night Stalkers
Bradley Duncan's Elves
Chris Jankowski's Empire of Dust
Andrew Summers' Brotherhood
Alan Wigness' Dwarfs
Tim Aker's Elves
Ben Jankowski's Twilight Kin
Frank Bradford's League of Rhordia
Apologies to Bob Boggs and Kara Brown - as I somehow managed to miss getting pictures of their armies during paint judging (and Kara's Trident Realms army is amazing!)

Round 3
Jon v Ben
Matthew v Bradley
Chris v Bob
Kara v Frank
Alan v Andrew
Amy v Tim
Round 4
Frank v Amy
Alan v Tim
Kara v Ben
Bradley v Bob
Chris v Matthew
Jon v Andrew
Kara Brown, Bob Boggs, Bradley Duncan, Andrew Summers, Ben Jankowski, Frank Bradford, Chris Jankowski, Jon Carter, Alan Wigness, Time Akers, Amy Stamper (not pictured - Matthew Temple)
Best Mantic Army - Matthew Temple
Best Sportsperson - Kara Brown
Best General - Jon Carter
Overall Champion - Andrew Summers
You can see the final results on warscore!

Gencon was great again this year - meeting old friends (and family - since my son now works for Wyrd as a game designer - they send him to Origins and Gencon (to work, of course) - but we managed to find time for dinner at Buca De Beppos with both his brothers and some friends), making new ones, and even though I personally didn't play any games it is always great fun facilitating everyone else playing.  I truly enjoy this as much as playing the games myself!

Gencon 2019 is now less than a year away (August 1-4, 2019), so if you want to be part of the best four days of gaming, it is not too soon to begin planning your trip to Indianapolis next summer.

Because it is all fun and games . . .