Take it outside

With the planned (hoped for?) release of Kings of War: Vanguard in October (and the kickstarter shipping in September - I am so aching to get my hands on the giant and Night Stalkers!!!), Mantic is releasing Wave 2 of Terrain Crate!

First up is the Town Centre Mega Set.  Everything you need to populate the town square for your models to fight over.  This includes some of the new retailer exclusive models that won't be released individually until November - so now is your chance to get them early.
Town Centre Mega set
The vanguard kickstarter funded a bunch of battlefield objectives, and these are being released separately as well.  I can easily see these being used for not just Vanguard, but Kings of War as well if you want to have more scenic objectives to battle over.

Battlefield Objectives - Vanguard
However, it looks like Mantic will be including something special in the Battlefield Objectives Mega set - a cardboard sheet of tokens for Vanguard! 

Vanguard tokens sheet packed with Battlefield Objectives (double sided)
This is a great way to get what you need for vanguard if you don't want the starter set.  Pick up a rule book and the objective set and then all you need are a bunch of D8's and a set of power dice (you can actually use the dice from The Walking Dead: All Out War for these, or just map the faces to your own dice).

Finally the battlefield mega set has fences, walls and hedges, all obstacles usable in skirmish and mass battle games.  Add in a few objectives and campsite pieces and you have a great addition to your terrain collection.

Battlefield Mega Set
Because it is all fun and games . . .