Scouting out ahead

In their last update for the Vanguard Kickstarter, Mantic announced that they hope to actually be able to ship this early - as early as the end of September even!  This is great news for those of us looking forward to this new skirmish game, as well as the miniatures for Night Stalkers, Basileans, Abyssals and Dwarfs.

I thought that since some people don't follow kickstarters, I'd show off some of the more recent pictures they have posted for the miniatures - especially those that have already been produced.

Of course, the biggest one, by far, is the new giant / frost giant.  This looks to be a great kit, and I can't wait to put both options together.

Front giant, with Basilean Abbess for scale
plastic giant parts.   Two heads and two options for each arm!
Speaking of the Basileans, they have posted some studio painted models,

Sisterhood Archers
Man-at-Arms Sargent
Gur Panther
resin masters of the PVC models,

Resin proofs for the PVC Models
some of the actual resin casts,

Actual resin models
and the WIP of the new Men-at-arms sprue.

Red spots are issues being worked on
The army I'm most excited about are the Night Stalkers though.

Resin proofs for the PVC Models
actual Resin models
 The new Abyssals are also coming

Resin proofs for the PVC Models
actual Resin models
And the other brand new army, the Northern Alliance

Resin proofs for the PVC Models
actual resin models (including the transluscent ice elemental!)
They also posted an image of a card for a model, allowing you to see how these will work.

Of course I'm hoping to get more pictures of actual models at Gencon (for which the exhibit hall has just closed for the first day when this should post).

If you are at Gencon, make sure you drop by the Mantic booth (#835) as well as the Mantic gaming area ( Gaming Hall B, on the main aisle) as well as Mantic night at the Hard Rock Cafe (49 South Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46204).  Me, I'll be in the gaming area running Kings of War events.  See you there!

Mantic Booth #835 in the exhibit hall
Mantic games area in Gaming Hall B
Hard Rock Cafe - 49 South Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Because it is all fun and games . . .