Which one of you p****s is the Leader?

The Walking Dead: All Out War has been a huge success for Mantic, and in November they are releasing the next generation.  Not an AoW expansion, but a stand alone Walking Dead board game - Here's Negan!

Last March those of use who went to Mantic night at Adepticon were able to see a preview of the game, but were under a strict non-disclosure.  Well it is now heading to your FLGS just in time for Christmas!

Game box
The  Walking  Dead:  Here’s  Negan

Here’s  Negan  is  a  co-operative  board  game  for  1  to  5  players,  based  on  The  Walking  Dead  comic-book  series.    Each    player    takes    the    role    of    a    Survivor,    recruited    by    the    ruthless  Negan.    Under  Negan’s instructions,    the  Survivors  must  battle    to  clear  out  a  large    factory  complex    to  create  a  safe  haven  in  the  brutal  wilderness.  By  scavenging  supplies,  securing  key  objectives  and    fighting    the  walking  dead,  the  players  hope  to  win  Negan’s  favour  and  ultimately  become  his  top  lieutenants.  

  • 6    Survivors
    • Negan  
    • Dwight
    • Laura
    • John  
    • Tara 
    • Sherry
  • 12    Walkers
  • 5    Survivor    Cards
  • 5  Activation  Tokens
  • 6  Stamina  Counters 
  • Negan  Reference  Card
  • Walker  Reference  Card
  • 4  Fire  Tokens 
  • 5  Reputation  trackers  
  • 8  Supply  Tokens  
  • 26  Walker  tokens 
  • 3  Action  Tokens 
  • 20  Doors 
  • 4  Locked  Doors 
  • 5  Gasoline    Barrels    
  • 2    Air    Ducts    
  • 15    Security    Tokens    
  • 8    Scenery    Tokens    
  • 16    Board    Tiles    
  • 9  Walker    Entry  Point  Marker  
  • 1  Exit  Marker  
  • 1  Threat  Tracker  
  • 27  Event  Cards  
  • 24  Room  Cards  
  • 24  Negan  Action  Cards  
  • 24    Supply    Cards    
  • 8    Dice    
  • 1    Lucille    First    player    Token   
  • 1    Here’s  Negan    Rulebook

The game in all it's glory
You can see some samples of the components
Sample Survivor Card
Sample Supply Card
Sample Event Card
Negan Action Card
While this is a board game, not a miniature game, it does come with miniatures.  These are made to match those in The Walking Dead : All out War game.  Hopefully they will also come out with cards to use these in that game (though I doubt they will make cards for AoW survivors in this one).

The man himself - Negan
The playable survivors.  Unfortunately I can't name them (because I don't know which are which :-) (Edit - updated with the names)


 The first player token is kind of unique - a model of lucille herself!
Lucille - first play token
The game is up for pre-order on Mantic's web site - or  you can get it through your FLGS.

Because it is all fun and games . . .