Wayback Machine : Howling at the Moon

Ok Sherman, set the wayback machine for thirteen years ago, back in 2005.  Bush was in the White House and I still had most of my hair.

I was introduced to a skirmish game from a Rackham, a french company, called Confrontation.  One of the initial selling points was that when you bought a model (they were all metal back in these early days) it came with the rules to play.  Then they started to come out with spell casters, and they had their rules with them.

Eventually they needed to clean up and consolidate them, so they came out with the 3rd edition ruleset in a hardback book.

I like the look of the Wolfen - fast, very hard hitting, but not very resilient.  I eventually purchased every wolfen model they made before they killed the game in 2009 (replacing it with Age of Ragnarok, a unit based game with pre-painted plastic models), and went out of business in 2010.

I managed to win a few tournaments with them.  The first one I got a huge statue of a Mid-Nor Scourge Bearer as the prize.

1st place, Dayton 9/17/05
Best Painted Army, Dayton 4/8/06
The winner of the NACORD National Championship got a trip to France for 2 to play in the world championships.  I came in third (I do remember the winner had a very similar army to mine, that was unpainted and he assembled the morning of the tournament).

NACORD National Championship 3rd Place, Gencon, 8/11/06

1st place, Dayton 12/09/06

Confrontation used named characters, and I had all of them though I didn't finish painting them all.  When they stopped making the models and replaced the game with pre-painted plastics, I put them away in their pluck foam trays, and have a box of half painted models that just never seemed worth the effort to get back to.  Now Confrontation Classic is coming back in a year or so with unpainted plastic minis, and once they have models in production, they plan to release a new version (most likely in 2020).  So maybe I'll dig these back out and have a game or two.

Ophyr the Guardian
The Watcher
Syriak the Intrepid
Lykai the Free
from the back - I really like this model
Saphyr, the Lone Wolfen
Kaeliss the Silent - a Daikinee elf that worked with the wolfen
Onyx the Prowler
Kassar the Fugitive
Agyar the Unyielding
Of course there were also lots of troops.  Some of my favorites were the Crossbows - especially with the 3.5 update that made them better (ok, if I remember it made them a bit too good :-)).

The main troop type were the fang warriors.  Initially some came out individually, then they did a box.  The box had separate heads - so you could made fangs (with bare faces) or great fangs (with masks).  I magnetized mine so they could do either.
Fang Warriors
Fang Warriors
Great Fang Warriors
Great Fang Warriors
Before the fang warrior box came out, the blisters were just wolfen warriors

Hunters were faster and lighter

Grave Guardians protected the burial grounds of their ancestors

The Lone Wolfs were spell casters (I think)

I don't remember all the details of all the models any more
Rune Guardian


Finally, my favorites were the Predators / Predators of Blood.  The PoB would merge with sylvain animaes to become Ultimate Predators (so basically they would eat the wood spirits to power up).

 Sylvain Animae

I also made a custom Nexus: The Wild Beast of Dracynran (there was not model for this.  It is basically a statue that gives some benefit to all the wolfen within range of it).

Because it is all fun and games . . .