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I can't keep count of the number of times I've heard people talk about the lack of background for Kings of War (not quite as often as the eternal question of when the Twilight Kin list will be redone (reset the timer!), but still a lot).

Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC, under license from Mantic, is looking to help alleviate this situation.  It was announced at Adepticon that they had made a deal to begin publishing novels and stories based on various Mantic properties, and the first is now out (on Kindle - the dead trees version is still a month away (scheduled for August 21st, 2018 Update (7/24/18) - According to Brandon Rospond's post on Facebook, this is scheduled to be released on Friday 7/27 even though Amazon has the later date listed.  Also Amazon has the cover wrong as well).
Tales of Mantica: Edge of the Abyss is an anthology of ten stories set in the world of Mantica, a world of epic fantasy. Ten experience authors give the reader an introduction to the setting and people involved in the wonderous world of Mantica

Based in the game world of Kings of War, War kings reflects the best of high fantasy stories as different factions fight for survival and domination.

Based in the high fantasy world of Kings of War, this anthology contains ten interlinking stories that set the stage for the launch of a new series of novels.Containing short stories by accomplished writers Robert Waters, Scott Washburn and Brandon Rospond this is a great collection of fantasy stories to entertain readers, representing a broad spectrum of stories

This 285 page anthology (at least the upcoming paperback - page count really isn't a thing for Kindle books) is edited by Brandon Rospond and consists of the following stories

  • Unfamiliar Territory by Duncan Waugh
The book starts with a tale of a small unit of the knights of the Brotherhood, who, while investigating an area of the Abyss, are ambushed by Varangur soldiers.  A greater evil is coming - do they flee these evil barbarian warriors from the north, or make reluctant allies of their foes?
  • The Sea Does Not Give Up Her Dead by CL Werner
The Empire of Dust has begun to raise their dead fleet from the bottom of the sea.  It is up to the forces of the Trident Realm of Neritica to attempt to stop the dead from reaching their goal in the Fang Isles, where they plan to rebuild their army of skeletons.
  • Kinship by C.W. Conduff
A band of Dwarfs, the Traduciators, delve deeper underground than ever before to see if their kin have truly succumbed to the corruption of the Abyss.  With Lord Yurec's brother Durok the latest go to missing, he seeks to face him - whether to bring him back or strike him down.
  • The Beast Within by Andrew McKinney
It was the Celestial known as Kyron who corrupted tribes of the Herd into the beasts we now know as orcs.  Now these two cousin races collide as the unity of the Herd attempts to prevent the Orcs from burning down the longhorns forest.
  • Into the Straits of Madness by Robert E. Waters
In a fast moving naval battle a Salamander and his crew seeks to save his brother from a band of Twilight Kin slavers
  • Emerald Eyes by Michael McCann
The Kingdoms of Men have chosen to build a great wall to defend against the growing forces of the Abyss invading from the north.  Their call for aid has been met with a band of mercenary Ogres.  Tensions rise as a force begins to move in on the wall ...
  • Ratcatcher by Scott Washburn
Dunstan Rootwell was once a ratcatcher for the League of Rhordia, but now trains his halfling troops.  His prior experience comes is invaluable when they are called upon to fight the infestation of Ratkin in the city of Norwood.
  • The Last Stand by Bill Donohue
Searching out the source of evil magic that is slowing even the mighty dragons, and Elf commander discovers a necromancer that has found a power that makes even his vampire ally shudder with worry.
  • Eyes Unblinking by Marc Desantis
The Green Lady is one of the few Celestials that remained intact when the others were split by the breaking of the Fenulian Mirror.  While a force of Basilean soldiers seeks to enlist their aid, they are beset by forces of the Abyss.  
  • Crimson Winter by Brandon Rospond
The final story begins to show the new faction, the Northern Alliance, and the secrets kept within.

Ten stories set during and after last summers global campaign will help to build the background for the game, to inspire new armies and greater victories!

If you are one of the many people asking for more background, now is your chance to pick this up and read the history of Mantica as it unfolds.

Because it is all fun and games . . .