It's about time

It is said that these black-skinned beasts have roamed the world since its creation, and only after the Sundering found service in the legions of the Wicked Ones. Around them, time can flow faster or more slowly than elsewhere, and their enemies are often caused to wither and die in a heartbeat as the curse of ages is placed upon them.
Studio version
At then end of June we see the release of Chroneas for the Forces of the Abyss for Kings of War.  These are marked as living legends (with a [1]) not because they are unique, but because they are so powerful and rare as to feel unique.

Up until now, people had to make their own conversions for this beast.  Use of the new Greater Fire Elemental was an interesting idea - but the actual model is here.

The description says it is black skinned, as the studio paint job shows.  However it is actually a creature that controls time, not fire.  So I wonder if painting it up with red/orange/yellow flames is appropriate, or perhaps it should be green or blue flames, to more accurately portray the mists of time surround it.

But let's take a look at the actual model.  No instructions, but it is only five pieces (plus a base) so it is pretty obvious how it goes together.

The body has a huge amount of detail - I kind of think that the black version for the studio paint job hides some of the detail that is there.  It highlights the flames, but the black is a bit too pure black.  Anyway I tried to get several angles of the main body to show off all the details in the sculpt.

What I did notice though is the body doesn't actually have a face - the mask for the face is a separate piece.  Knowing this, it makes me wonder what could be done painting behind hte mask

The right leg is a separate piece, which helps the final model from seeing quite so flat.

The two arms make interesting angles to the body as well.  I like how the right hand isn't throwing a fireball as the studio paint job would suggest - but is instead a focal point for the powers coursing through and over this monster.

As I mentioned, there is no face, but a mask instead.

I don't have an abyssal army beyond my demo one, so I have managed to resist the temptation to actually glue this together, keeping it instead as part of my ever changing prize box.  I did want to see a size comparison however.

As you can see, he actually stands taller than the Greater Obsidian Golem.  That is one thing that is lacking on too many of the conversions I have seen - the sheer size of the monster (it is height 4 after all).

While I don't enjoy playing against it (stupid not being able to be disordered means no way to stop the thing from shooting its 20 piercing(1) breath attack every damn turn it is in range), I do look forward to seeing it on the tabletop.

Because it is all fun and games . . .