Droning on and on

When the Warpath kickstarter came out, I liked the concept for the Asterians the best, especially their ships.  I started picking some up for Deadzone, and then got both the ship and the army battlezone in the kickstarter.

So you think I would have everything for them, right?

Of course not.

As I was looking through the book, I noticed the options for the weapon drones.  There was the shield drone, and three weapon options.  Heavy Fission Beamer (to take out tanks), Plasma Vortex (for infantry), and Pulse Bombard (even better against everything).

Cool I thought - I'll just try one of each.  And put them together, and found that the Pulse Bombard did not come with the drones in the battlegroup nor army starter nor deadzone starter.

Well it is finally out now, but only available in the Weapon Drone box for the Asterians.

The weapon drone box contains two bodies, two flying stands, and the parts to make any two of the four drone options.  This is because they have finally included the metal Pulse Bombard piece in the box.

This fits in with the other three drones, which I already have assembled and painted.

Since I don't actually play warpath much, it won't get painted until after Gencon (at least).

I am a little frustrated however, in that it is ONLY available in the drone box (not by itself).  I now have the parts to make 12 MORE drones (after the four I have assembled) - I can make six of any of the three other options, but would have to get another two drones to get another pulse bombard if I wanted one.

I'm not even complaining that it is an $17.99 box to get it - but I'd just like to be able to buy a couple more without adding to this growing pile of drone bodies that will never get used.

(In the time between initially writing this and when it gets posted, Mantic has announced they will now make the Pulse Bombard available separately (it starts shipping August 20th)).

Maybe one is enough however.  In the few games of Warpath I have played, the Plasma Vortex was taken out EVERY game before it could shoot - so I'm not so sure it is so good against - well anything.  Maybe just having one Pulse Bombard will make the difference (or maybe I just need more drones period).

And then there are the other models still missing from the Asterian line - the Kalshi Rai'mega, Kalyshi Mogals, Narsa Supoort Drones, Spectre Escort Gunships and the Hidden Strike Assasin Drones - five units still missing models.

I think the only other models missing from the line are the GCPS / Plague Lancer Battle tanks.

I have to look on the bright side - something more for me to spend my money on in the future!

Because it is all fun and games . . .