After the final kick

The Walking Dead: All Out War kickstarter is complete, and everything funded by it is now available at your FLGS (or directly from Mantic).  This has been one of the biggest products for Mantic (so far - the Hellboy kickstarter was the biggest ever for Mantic, and that looks to explode when it hits next year) , and they are continuing development on the game.  They are continuing to label each release as a wave, and information on wave 5 is starting to come out.

Governor's Trophy Room Collectible Set

First off in August is a new resin collector's set.  This, like the previous "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe" diorama, this is a major scene from the comics.  The Negan model from that one was usable in the game, so the two figures here are also.

A big difference with this one however is in addition to new sculpts, there are new cards for the heroes as well (where EMMM had new art, but the Negan card was otherwise the same).  This is currently available for pre-order on the Mantic web site as well as your FLGS (

The Governor's Trophy Room (MSRP $39.99)
Studio painted version
new Governor sculpt
new Michonne sculpt
The governor's trophy case
new card for the Governor
new card for Michonne
This set contains two exclusive sculpts for the Governor and Michonne as they face-off against each other in the Governor's personal trophy room. There is also detailed scenery - including the Governor's grilsy "tophies" - which is fully compatible with the rest of the Walking Dead range - so you can use it in your games on the tabletop!

This is a Collector's Resin set for The Walking Dead: All Out War, including:

  • 2 Exclusive new Character Cards - Brian Blake, Trophy Collector, and Michonne, Beaten but not Broken
  • 2 Exclusive Resin Survivors - The Governor and Michonne
  • Resin Governor's Trophy Tanks
  • Resin Chair
  • Resin Table

While I haven't seen a release date for wave 5 (though it appears they will be out in September (so I would guess at the 24th), our friends over at Miniature Marketplace have them up for pre-order already.

Much like the other waves, wave 5  consists of several boosters (seven) and an an expansion.  The expansion has additional rules and cards (beyond just new equipment), while boosters are a few figures (in the past it has been three (two survivors and a walker), however the full contents of each booster has not been listed, so it is possible this could change).

Fear the Hunters Expansion

The expansion is "Fear the Hunters".  This, like the other expansions, is the name of one of the six issue collections of the comic book - Volume 11 (issues 61-66).

The hunters are a band of survivors that have turned to cannibalism in order to survive.  They are the last major foe the group faces before finding Alexandria (and the Saviors).

Gameplay wise, the expansion adds in Veteran skill cards - which are like equipment but do not take up a slot.  In addition they are adding rules for map based campaigns.  Much like other miniature games, on each campaign turn you attempt to claim areas of the map (which often leads to conflict with other groups - and thus is an excuse to play more games).

Finally they are adding a "Free For All!" scenario for three or more players on a larger (40"x40") map (broken into 16 10" squares) where each player attempts to collect enough supply counters to win before the threat level hits maximum (and results in a draw for everyone).

Of course there are new miniatures as well:
Fear the Hunters (MSRP $44.99)
On their way to Washington DC, the Survivors realise that they are being stalked by a group of humans. By the time they reach Father Gabriel's church, these cannibals reveal themselves as a new threat. Fear the Hunters.


  • Albert
  • Charlie
  • David
  • Greg
  • Theresa
  • Fear the Hunters Rulebook
  • Campaign Map
  • 20 Campaign Event Cards
  • 7 Character Cards
  • 7 Event Cards
  • 15 Supply Cards
  • 12 Equipment Cards

To go with the main expansion are seven boosters.  All of the boosters have a MSRP of $19.99 with one exception (below)

Abraham booster

This story is also where we meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita as well.  The best part is that now Abraham has a 'normal' release - so if you are interested in playing him competitively you can finally use him in your tournament warbands (he is one of my favorite sculpts from the original kickstarter).

Abraham and ??
Ex-military, with a short temper and skill with firearms, Abraham appears violent and cold to others. He is actually as scared as any of the other survivors, and eventually comes to rely on them to survive the walkers.

Eugene and Rosita Booster
I have a little more information on the next few boosters (though this is always subject to change).  One thing interesting is all of them (and the expansion) seem to now be coming out with MORE character cards than models - meaning there are new, alternate cards for existing models.  This is another way to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Eugene and Rosita

Eugene knows the source of the walkers, or so he claims. Rosita, meanwhile, is kind and stable, helping both Abraham and Eugene in their mission to D.C.


  • Rosita
  • Eugene
  • 3 Character Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards

Father Gabriel Booster
This adds Father Gabriel and a new sculpt for Carl (whose hat (to me at least) seems to just keep growing bigger and bigger)).

Father Gabriel & Carl
Whilst being stalked by the Hunters, the Survivors take refuge in Father Gabriel's church. How such a mild mannered pastor was able to survive the horrors of the undead is a mystery.


  • Father Gabriel
  • Carl
  • 3 Character Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards

Maggie & Glenn on Horseback Booster

These now go with the Rick on Horseback models - adding mounted versions of some of our favorite characters.  I will assume that, like Rick, the horse is bought as equipment and makes the model significantly faster, and may be sacrificed to avoid a wound in combat (in which case you replace the model with an appropriate one on foot).

Because the models are significantly larger, this booster has an MSRP of $29.99
Maggie and Glenn on Horseback
After surviving the assault on the prison, Maggie and Glenn are fortunate to discover a pair of horses on their travels. Quick enough to escape from the Walkers, they regropup safely with the other survivors.


  • Maggie on Horseback
  • Glenn on Horseback
  • Walker
  • 2 Character Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards

The last two (so far) boosters are not scheduled to come out until 2019, so have very little information at this point.

Chris, Leader of the Hunters booster

Chris, Leader of the Hunters

Under Chris' leadership, the Hunters have survived the horror of the new world by hunting the easiest prey - humans.

Rick, Leader of the Survivors Booster

After the assault on the prison, Rick is now the undisputed leader of the Survivors. The Hunters and the events to come will test him and his friends to their core.

So lots to look forward to for Walking Dead fans.  What are you most looking forward to adding to your collection?

Because it is all fun and games . . .