We'll all go down together

It seems that war can bring out some of the best in people, taking random strangers and turning them into a band of brothers.

(Ok, so not very relevant, it is still one of my favorite Billy Joel songs (even though I was too young to remember the Viet Nam war directly)).

That is (at least) one of the ideas behind the Brotherhood, an army introduced in the Uncharted Empires supplement for Kings of War.  Originally intended as an army that warhammer Bretonnian players could use their old miniatures for, with the Edge of the Abyss campaign they drew a bit of attention (by having their watchtowers and a significant amount of their forces destroyed) - which (to me at least) helps to open the way for Mantic to expand on the background as they rebuild their forces.

When I redid my Kingdoms of Men army, I ended up having a bunch of extra knights, which became a Brotherhood army, that, after only about a year and a half, I FINALLY finished painting.  The easyarmy list is here.

When painting a new demo army, I try to come up with a different color scheme for each one.  I knew I was NOT going to attempt to do the 'each knight is an individual character with their own heraldry' that is common for Brettonian armies, but each basic color combination that I thought of I had already done.  Then I happened to look at our company logo, and thought I would do Scarlet and Gray (with The Ohio State 'O' as the symbol on their shields).  (The founders of the company are all OSU fans (they have a blow up Brutus Buckeye in the back reception area during football season)).

Entire army
So some bowmen to give a little ranged attacks - because I hate demo's that skip phases.
Villein Bowmen Regiment
The base knights are Order of the Brotherhood.
Order of the Brotherhood Regiment
All of these models are from the game Ex Illis.  I like the knights, but they are monopose modols.  In order to make the Redemption knights a bit different, I used the sword arm from the angels instead of the normal lances, and added a banner.
Order of Redemption* Troop
When I used these for my Kingdoms of Men army, I swapped out the spears and shields for bows.  These are instead straight out of the box.  I do like the dynamic pose to the horses, and by angling each one on the base, I can make it look like they are all focusing on something right in front of them.
Villein Reconnoiterers Troop
With a little green stuff and the wings from the ex-illis angels, it wasn't hard to make pegasus models.
Order of the Forsaken Regiment
This is a monster from Ex Illis.  He is a bit small for a monster in Kings of War, but he keeps with the theme.
Forsaken Beast
To make the mounted Devoted, I carefully cut the trider off the villean, cut the elven caster in half, and then used green stuff for her skirt to go on the horse.
Devoted on horse

I'm actually pretty happy to finally get these off my painting table and give them a chance to hit the table.

Because it is all fun and games . . .