Not to dampen your spirits

With Origins 2018 rapidly approaching ( and even though preregistration is closed, there is still room for you to get in on our many Kings of War and other events by registering on-site).  You can see a full listing of all our events over on the Ohio War Kings blog.

So not one to pass up an opportunity to show off a little bit (or, to be more honest, not having to work all that hard on a new post :-) ) I thought I would show some of my new(er) demo armies.  These will also be used in the How You Use It! tournament (where the players change tables, but the armies don't!).

1000 pt demo army
So the first ones out of the gate are the Trident Realms of Neritica.  Not an entirely new demo army, but it has some new additions.  Unfortunately last year my models did not come in before the summer conventions, so it was basically a Naiad army.  I finally have a wider variety of units now.  You can find the easyarmy army list here.

One of my goals with my 1000 pt demo armies is to now only show how the game is played, but also to help to show off the miniatures (especially Mantic miniatures, though not all armies (Kingdoms of Men, Brotherhood and Ratkin) have Mantic miniatures).

The mainstay of the army - Naiads.  The ensnare rule plus regeneration 4+ really helps to make up for their low defense.  Put a horde of these in difficult terrain and there is a good chance they are not moving all game.
Naiad Ensnarers Regiment
When I first saw the Thuul, I knew I had to have them.  I love the subtle tribute in their names to HP Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos.  Plus they hit on 3's, still have ensnare, and have 15 attacks for a troop!
Thuul Troop
Of course for some ranged ability you take heartpiercers.  Ra of 4+ and piercing (1) (plus regeneration) gives some nice stopping power.
Naiad Heartpiercers Troop
The Riverguard are an interesting unit because they are water based, but don't really fit in the ocean theme.  These frogs are the first unit that flies, but does not automatically upgrade their speed to 10.  Instead they keep their SP 6 - to represent the fact that they are jumping, not really flying.  Pathfinder and Vicious with throwing weapons - makes for a very interesting unit with the possibilities of all sorts of shenanigans.
Riverguard Troop
Most of the Neritican army has pretty low defense.  The gigas however make up for this with the big shield rule.  These combination of crab and shrimp have a big protective shell in their front (though not from the back).  A very interesting unit.  (Of course I'd love to have a unit of placoderms with a true De 6+, but Mantic still only makes the one model).
Gigas Regiment
One of the coolest units Mantic has produced lately were the Naiad Wyrmriders.  Unfortunately they are still metal (I do not know why they don't switch them over to resin - I might even buy a second unit just to replace these if they did) which means they are very heavy.  I'm a little worried about how these will fair through demos.  CS(1), TC(1), Pathfinder and Regeneration.  Fast and hard hitting.
Naiad Wyrmriders Regiment
I had the Mythican before I got the unit in - I just love these squid headed haflings.  The Mythican is an interesting choice, he is a spellcaster but does not have any default spells.  However he is also a fighting character, with 5 attacks, Me 3+ and CS(1) (as well as ensnare - so while he is only De 4+, you can't wound what you can't hit).
Thuul Mythican
To round out this list is the Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion.  Now this model IS made of resin, and so much nicer for not being so heavy.
Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion
So if you are in the Columbus area June 13 - 17, come by the Greater Columbus Convention Center and check out all we have at Origins!

Because it is all fun and games . . .