June 2018 Warpath Releases

So let's talk Warpath a bit, shall we.  The game shipped with Forge Fathers and Enforcers in the starter set.  This was followed up by the Veer-Myn, and GCPS (with the GCPS vehicles finally coming out in April).  And next up are the Asterians.

To start out is the mega-force (of course, of course).  Marionettes, Kalyshi, Cyphers, drones, sky razors and even a ship (that can be built as a transport or weapons platform).  The perfect way to build your Asterian army.
Asterian Mega Force MGWPA103 MSRP £99.99 €129.99 $149.99
If the mega force is a bit much, or you just want to add to your existing army, the Asterian reserve force is a way to go.  Cyphers with special weapons and black talons, and another ship.

Asterian Reserve Force MGWPA102 MSRP £59.99 €79.99 $89.99
Speaking of the ships, the Chira Transport / Chroma Force Platform is also being released separately.  You can see all the details on assembling this hovering tank here.
Asterian Chira Transporter/Chroma Force Platform MGWPA401 MSRP £29.99 €39.99 $44.99
Asterians are all about sending in robots to do their dirty work, and nothing can be more effective than their weapon drones.  Previously only available in bundles, these are now available separately to allow you to add as many of these floating death platforms as you need to deal with any situation.
Asterian Weapon Drones MGWPA402 MSRP £9.99 €14.99 $17.99
Finally, your cyper squads can always use some upgrades, so also finally being released outside of bundles are the cypher specialists - both heavy weapons and combat upgrades.

Asterian Cypher Specialists MGWPA304 MSRP £9.99 €14.99 $17.99
With all these new releases, I may finally get my Asterians painted beyond the demo force.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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