War Kings GT

Well it is finally here - the first War Kings GT!  With 26 players, it is the largest Kings of War tournament in Ohio.  In fact, we had more people than at the tournament at Adepticon this year.  There were a few cancellations, and some unfortunate drops during the tournament, but otherwise it was a great time.
Quite a motely crew
Back Row (l-r): Kara Brown, Amy Stamper, Aaron Raleigh, Frank Bradford, Andrew Summers, Bob Boggs, Chris Clark, Mathew Veirmeiren, Tom Ziegler, Jesse (Kind of a Big Deal) Cornwell, Cyle Pool, AJ Fullerton, David baker, Jon Carter, Austin Carrigan, Joey (the) Greek, Bill Robertson.
Front Row (l-r) : Erich Trowbridge, Roger Connor, Matthew Temple, Grant Fetter, Shannon Shoemaker, Derrik Byrd, Felix Castro, Steve Malone.
Not Pictured : Kyle Przelenski
On the floor - some idiot who didn't even play in the event.  Who lets this guy in here anyway?  Somebody call security!

The venue (The Wingate by Wyndham Dayton - Fairborn) was great, and I got in right after work to set up.  The space was huge - so that means plenty of room to grow.

Tables set up, ready for battle!
The swag bags were all ready, including the exclusive event dice (and a dice bag made by my wife!), paint brushed from RGD Gaming, Terrain from THMiniatures and Hidden Forest Gaming and other great stuff (including the bags themselves from gamemats.com).

We had six tables with game mats donated from our sponsors - Mats By Mars, Gamemat.eu, Gamemat.com and Frontline Gaming.

Bright and early the next morning the games began!
Round 1
Frank Bradford v David Baker
Felix Castro v Tom Ziegler
Shannon Shoemaker in a challenge w/ Erich Trowbridge
AJ Fullerton v Kyle Przelenski
Matthew Temple v Steve Malone
Andrew Summers v Aaron Raleigh
Amy Stamper v Joey Greek
Roger Connor v Austin Carrigan
Derrick Byrd v Kara Brown
Bob Boggs v Jesse Cornwell
Jon Carter v Grant Fetter
Mathew Veirmeiren v Chris Clark
We took a brief lunch break after the first round.  Unfortunately Kara developed a sever allergic reaction to something in the room and had to drop out of the tournament.  She tried to return for round 4 but started feeling the effects after about half an hour again.

Frank Bradford v Derrick Byrd
Jon Carter v Steve Malone
David Baker v AJ Fullerton
Matthew Temple v Chris Clark
Joey Greek v Mathew Vermeiren
Shannon Shoemaker v Felix Castro
Erich Trowbridge v Jesse Cornwell
Andrew Summers v Kyle Przelenski
Austin Carrigan v Grant Fetter
David Baker v Tom Ziegler
Bob Boggs v Aaron Raleigh
Just a quick bio break and we went right into round 3!

David Baker v Tom Ziegler
Bob Boggs v Frank Bradford
Derrick Byrd v Jesse Cornwell
Erich Trowbridge v Mathew Vermeiren
Jon Carter v AJ Fullerton
Andrew Summers v Roger Connor
Chris Clark v Aaron Raleigh
Matthew Temple v Shannon Shoemaker
Felix Castro v Grant Fetter (I loved his Tri-Lam sweater (from "Revenge of the Nerds")
Austin Carrigan v Joey Greek
Kyle Przelenski v Steve Malone
So after round three we had an extended dinner break.  Kara her wife Amy made it back just in time to serve the delicious Sloppy Joes they prepared, but Kara wasn't able to stay, though Amy continued with the tournament (even after missing two rounds).

During the dinner break, everyone set up their armies for paint judging and player voting.  Each player got to vote for their two favorite armies.

To make things go a little faster, players self scored their base painting (verified by the judges), and then had the option to opt out of scoring for Best Appearance or Best War King.
Felix Castro's Forces of the Abyss
Felix Castro's War King
Bob Boggs' Elves
Bob Bogg's War King
Mathew Veirmeiren's Orcs
Matthew Veirmeiren's War King
Austin Carrigan's Night Stalkers
Austin Carrigan's War King
Grant Fetter's Abyssal Dwarfs
Grant Fetter's War King
Joey Greek's Night Stalkers
Joey Greek's War King
Steve Malone's Twilight Kin
Chris Clark's Forces of the Abyss
Jon Carter's Undead
Jon Carter's War King
AJ Fullerton's Brotherhood
Roger Connor's Orcs
Andrew Summer's Brotherhood
Andrew Summer's War King
Aaron Raleigh's Undead
Matthew Temple's League of Rhordia
Matthew Temple's War King
Jesse Cornwell's Ogres
Jesse Cornwell's War King
Kyle Przelenski's Undead
Kyle Przelenski's War King
I liked the hand painted runes on the wings
Erich Trowbridge's Ratkin
Erich Trowbridge's War King
Derrick Byrd's Dwarves
Derrick Byrd's War King
Jesse Cornwell's Abyssal Dwarfs
Jesse Cornwell's War King
Amy Stamper's Night Stalkers
Amy Stamper's War King
Frank Bradford's Goblins
Frank Bradford's War King
Kara Brown's Trident Realms of Neritica
Kara Brown's War King
Tom Ziegler's Night Stalkers
Tom Ziegler's War King
David Baker's Forces of the Abyss
David Baker's War Queen
After we were all happily filled up with Sloppy Joe's and Potato Salad, we started the fourth round.  Since Amy had returned, our Ringer Bill Robertson got to step in and play a game!  He made our player count 25.  They played a special scenario where the table was flooding, making it a bit more of a challenge.

Matthew Temple v Kyle Przelenski
Amy Stamper v Bill Robertson
Chris Clark v AJ Fullerton
Erich Trowbridge v Roger Connor

Austin Carrigan v Frank Bradford
Grant Fetter v Derrick Byrd
Shannon Shoemaker v Steve Malone
Jesse Cornwell v Joey Greek
Mat Vermeiren v Andrew Summers
Bob Boggs v Tom Ziegler
Felix Castro v Aaron Raleigh
Jon Carter v David Baker
And with that we all headed out for a good night's sleep, and came back bright and early Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, Kyle Przelenski had a family emergency, and had to head home after the last game on Saturday.

Then by surprise, Cyle Pool, (who had originally registered several months ago but had to drop due to conflicts with his work) messaged me that he would be there Sunday.  So I told him to bring his army and be ready to play by 9, and he ended up taking the place of Kyle (so Cyle P took over for Kyle P (funnier when you say it :-)).  Knowing that Cyle was a decent player, I gave him Kyle's score temporarily to allow him to have better match ups.  Not only that, but he now made player 26!

Round 5
Andrew Summers v Shannon Shoemaker
Austin Carrigan v Erich Trowbridge
Felix Castro v Matthew Temple
Derrick Byrd v David Baker
Jesse Cornwell v Mathew Veirmeiren
Joey Greek v Jon Carter
Amy Stamper v AJ Fullerton
Aaron Raleigh v Bill Robertson
Grant Fetter v Bob Boggs
Tom Ziegler v Chris Clark
Cyle Pool v Frank Bradford
Steve Malone v Roger Connor
The top positions were still very close, so round six was going to determine it all.

Round 6
Shannon Shoemaker v Roger Connor
Jesse Cornwell v Tom Ziegler
Bill Robertson v AJ Fullerton
Frank Bradford v Matthew Temple
Felix Castro v Chris Clark
Amy Stamper v Aaron Raleigh
Austin Carrigan v David baker
Joey Greek v Bob Boggs
Andrew Summers v Jon Carter
Mathew Veirmeiren v Steve Malone
Derrik Byrd v Erich Trowbridge
Cyle Pool v Grant Fetter
And we were done.  Unfortunately blogger doesn't seem to like tables anymore, so for the full results go to warscore.  My lovely and talented wife Diane (who graciously helped with the concession table) took pictures of all the award winners:

Dice hate Me - Aaron Raleigh
Best Undead Player - Jon Carter
Best Orc Player - Roger Connor
Best Night Stalker Player - Tom Ziegler
Best Brotherhood Player - Andrew Summers
Best Forces of the Abyss Player - David Baker
Best Abyssal Dwarf Player - Grant Fetter
Best Neutral Player - Shannon Shoemaker
Best Good Player - Derrick Byrd
Best Evil Player - Erich Trowbridge
Best War King - Grant Fetter
Best Appearance - Austin Carrigan
Best Sportsman - Andrew Summers
Best General - Shannon Shoemaker
Overall Champion - Erich Trowbridge
It was a great time, and I am already planning for next year!

I did want to spotlight Austin's army a bit - I just can't adequately describe how good it looked.  And he said he only spent 80-100 hours on the big centerpiece (I have had entire armies that I didn't spend that much time on!)

The picture does not do it justice

Also, a couple more pictures of Grants awesome War King.

Finally, Diane also took some pictures during the tournament, so I want to include those as well.

There he is again sitting next to Bill Robertson - we need better security to keep out the riff-raff
Diane took pictures of all the tables before we started.  Of course we ended up changing all the numbers around to make things a bit easier :-)

The mat was provided by Gamemats.com

This table was provided by the Indianapolis Kings of War - look for their tournament coming up in August

The mat was provided by Frontline Gaming

One of two mats provided by Mats by Mars

and the other Mat by Mars

Gamemat.eu also provided two mats

the other gamemat.eu mat

they do let anybody in these placed, don't they

Coffee, chips, pop, water, donuts and fruit were all available

Ohio War Kings dice were for sale

as were shirts

and messenger bags

Kyle Przelenski's Undead army

Frank and Dave play while Bill checks things out

Amy watches Mat measure his move

Aaron considers his options

Shannon measures carefully

Matthew pretends to laugh, Bill wonders what he has gotten into while some fat guy attempts to tell a joke.  Steve is smart enough to ignore it completely and keep playing

Matthew Temples oriental themed League of Rhordia Army

Ready to get started

Jon watches Grant

One of Grant's "counts as" Horde of Abyssal Grotesques

Derrick is very serious while Kara considers her move

Austin ponders his move while Roger carefully watches

Checking out the standings after round 4

Why does she keep taking my picture?

Felix & Matther

Steve watches Roger

We had some visitors as well.  I do wonder what they were thinking about all of this

why can't we all just get along?

Bill seriously contemplating his next move

Look but don't touch

They are so cute at that age

Dave carefully watches the game

Amy checks the pairings while the camera is nearly blinded by that HUGE glaring bald head

Shannon v Roger

Grant and Cyle

What happened to the rest of the Elf tower?

Finally making myself useful putting mats away.  Bill is supervising to make sure I get it right

The terrain after the game
I want to thank Bill Robertson for helping out and stepping in as the ringer when we lost players.  I want to thank my wife Diane for being the only normal one there (and putting up with me).  Thank you to all the Ohio War Kings for helping out.

Finally, I want to once again thank all our sponsors for their wonderful support, we couldn't have done this without them.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. I like the sound of the flooding scenario, if I wanted to get hold of the rules for that and was to lazy to search the internet, what would be my best route for getting them ?

    1. I would love to see if where you might find them on the internet, since it has only been used in two tournament and I don't post my scenarios :-) But if someone were to ask nicely.

    2. I thought I hadn't seen it about anywhere, perhaps if you get the chance it could be the subject for a quick blog post ? Thanks!


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