The Circus of Corruption

Back in the day before I started playing miniature games, there was a skirmish game put out by a workshop based around a city that had a magical meteor hit and destroy it - Mordheim.  One of the warbands was the Carnival of Chaos - a chaos (Nurgle) themed troop of performers spreading corruption and entertainment.

Old School Miniatures has a kickstarter going on right now (it end Sat, April 14th at 5:31 pm EDT) for a revamped version of this miniature idea - the Circus of Corruption.

While you can go to the kickstarter page and see their painted samples, I have a few of the resin masters (the actual models will be white metal) to show off.  These are shown exactly as I received them - I haven't done any cleanup and have just used poster putty (I'd call it blu-tack, but it is white, not blue :-)  to put them on bases so I could stand them up for the pictures.  By the way, these bases (which were NOT included) are the new 25mm magnetic round bases from Shogun Miniatures (friend and I ordered a bunch that just came in the other day).

The five sample models for review
First is the Ringmaster, Colonel Hanglebert Bubo-Fludini

The detailing on this (and all the models) is simply fantastic.  I love the face, with the scowl and the bad eye (for some reason, I kind of like miniatures with one bad eye - go figure).

get off my lawn!
King Smear is one of the players - because all the world is a stage.   Whichever work of the bard they may be performing, they are sure to bring the house down (with a fever is nothing else)
sorry, starting with one eye doesn't count :-)
The detail in the arms, cloak and head.  Very impressive.  I would think even a mediocre painter like I am could do a great job with these.
The Brethren are more performers for the carnival, with Frederick Looger. the stilt walker.
I really like the wooden sword

Errol Phlegm is another of the Bretheren.  I do like the names they have given these miniatures.
You call that a knife?  This is a knife

From the knife blade to the rope belt and cankles, there is simply so much character in the details of these figures.

The set also includes five Rotlings - smaller little 'pets' that they included a sample of.

The kickstarter is currently about triple its goal of £2,000, and has hit several stretch goals.  These include a cart, a set of 3 clowns, and a circus elephant.  At £10,000 they  say they will attempt to cast the circus cart in metal (I honestly hope they don't do this - such a big mini in metal would weigh a ton, and these resin masters make we wish the entire troop was going to be in resin).

If you are interested in some old school type miniatues, or this corrupt circus / carnival is of interest, then you still have a couple of days to back the kickstarter.  I've backed it (I also picked up the Mr Cooper's Dark Carnival for Malifaux (Nightmare edition of the Collete crew) - which was a circus including flying monkeys) even if I don't know what I'll do with it once it comes in :-)

So, what could you use these for, and what stretch goals would you like to see in the last two days?

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Disclaimer - I received these minis for review for only the cost of shipping from the UK (a whopping £4).