Sponsor Spotlight : Peacekeeper Games

The relentless ticking of the clock brings the War Kings GT to within only a few more days.  Today's spotlight is on Peacekeeper Games.
This is a name which I don't think anyone is familiar with yet.  It is the company formed by Karl Kersten from his kickstarter that I talked about here.  Well Karl was packing up the shipments for the kickstarter and he saw our tournament - so not only did I get my pledge, but he threw in a few more arcs as support for the tournament.

They have 16 sizes (Chariot Regiment and Large Cavalry Hordes use the same arc) in four color combinations (Black with Gold / Red or Yellow  and Green with Gold).

Three Green w/ Gold arcs
The arcs are simple to use.  Simple line the arc up with any two corners, then slid those corners to perfectly pivot around the center of the unit.  There are 15 degree marks to help you measure exactly how far you pivot.  Each of the standard unit sizes requires it's own arc.

Horde of zombies clambering to turn
and a perfect pivot!
The three samples are for an Infantry Horde (20 mm), Large Infantry Horde and Cavalry Horde (which has a dual use for 25 mm infantry).

Ogre Horde
and a perfect 45 degree turn 
The nice thing is you don't need all sizes generally - just the sizes for the units your are using.  So for my own army - I need an Infantry Horde, Large Cavalry Horde (because the LOGs are on 50mm bases, not standard Large Infantry 40mm) and a Cavalry Troop (for the 25mm troops of Gargoyles).

For bigger games, I need the Cavalry Horde for the Orcs
In order to make these a bit more transportable, the larger arcs come in two pieces that fit together like a puzzle.  Unfortunately the large piece is not marked, but it is fairly easy to determine what goes where.  Simple line up all your left arc pieces in size order and your right arc pieces in size order - now each left arc matches the corresponding one right arc.

While the prizes are the Green and Gold, I ordered Black and Red for myself, and I have an order for another backer (He will get them on Saturday) ordered Black and Gold.

So I have created a pack for the last place player - not just Ohio War Kings dice, but also these three arcs as well as some of the templates from Ironheart Artisans.  Because we all know that you only lose because your dice hate you, or maybe you aren't measuring quite accurately enough.

Dice Hate Me award
Which size arc do you think you would use the most?

Because it is all fun and games . . .