Sponsor Spotlight : Mierce Miniatures

Welcome back to another sponsor spotlight for War Kings 2018.  This time we are showing off te fantastic models graciously donated from Mierce Miniatures.

Mierce sent me an email order verification, and it said we were getting the model Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys, which is a very cool model, but doesn't fit Kings of War all that well (there aren't huge sex demons in the fluff).

While I was at Adepticon, my wife said that I got a package, but it was about a foot square - much bigger than was needed for this model.  So I got home and opened it - and it wasn't Euryalia - it was instead 13 models!  Two giants and 9 blisters.

These fit the fluff MUCH better, and I am so excited about them.

Our sponsors have been so generous, and I am getting so much prize support, that I may be using some for Origins as well as War Kings (I think one door prize per person is enough, don't you?)

So the two resin giants are simply awesome.  Gorugg is a four armed, one eyed monstrosity that would fit well as a Brutox for the herd.  Or paint him green as a giant for Orcs or Goblins, or even Ogres. 

Magagg is another monstrous cyclpos, and will again fit any of these rolls.  He is a bit skinnier and less bestial, making a great Giant.

If you have ogres, Urbad was a kickstarter exclusive model that would make a great captain or warlord for your forces (and we have #14 of 100 of him)

If you need a shaman for your Ogre army, then Ogmops is a cool alternative.  

If you are a herd player, they sent two blisters (Brunchaath and Chaagmuth) that would make outstanding heroes for your army.  

The Varangur are a very popular army, consisting of barbarian humans who hate all that do not follow their god Korgaan.  Drast, Caitrin and Daarkan would all make great additions to your force of barbarians sweeping over Mantica.



If you are looking for less armored humans, Ciniod and Nuala fits the bill quite well.  She would also fit well in an elf army, or as a druid for your Forces of Nature.



If you are a fan of the more classic roman look, Nikandros is ready to lead your legionnaires into battle for the glory of Rome.

Finally, the battlefields are full of dead - and Velchior is an awesome looking necromancer or lich to raise your undead armies and lead them to victory.

These models are simply fantastic, and will all make standout heroes for your armies.  Please support Mierce Miniatures and all our sponsors for these fantastic prizes!

Because it is all fun and games . . .