Sponsor Spotlight : Micro Art Studio

We just keep getting more sponsors for the War Kings GT, and we are trying to give everyone of them a chance to shine.  Today's sponsor is Micro Art Studios.

Micro Art Studio is a company making gaming aids out of Poland.  They have base inserts, scenery, and even game mats.

They have generously donated six vouchers - three for $20 and three for $25 to our prize pool.  Amazing how the actual discount code to redeem the vouchers just disappeared when I grabbed pictures of them (don't worry, the ones you can pick as a prize will have the codes on them!).
$20 voucher
$25 voucher
They have some very cool stuff available on their site, and not all limited to miniature war gaming.  Even though I only read the first few Diskworld novels - the fact that they have miniatures of Twoflower, Rincewind and the luggage make me want them (not that I have a use for these, but when did this ever stop me?)


The Luggage

Back to wargaming - they even have one of their neoprene battle mats on sale for 55% off - and that would be a great deal with these discount codes!

72" x 48" Mountbatten Desert
What would you like to spend your credit on?

Because it is all fun and games . . .