Sponsor Spotlight : McDougall Designs

Mere days away from the War Kings GT and we still have more sponsors rolling in.  Today we take a look at McDougall Designs.

Most of our sponsors were asked if they would like to sponsor our GT.  However McDougall Designs volunteered without even being asked.

Max McDougall is a Mantic Pathfinder down in Florida.  About a year ago he started making custom textured basing materials and selling them in his etsy shop.  He posted on Facebook last month actually looking for tournaments to sponsor, so of course I jumped on the opportunity.

We received three small bags of textured basing material  (I'm actually not quite sure what to call it ).  This is thin textured compound that you glue to the base to give it interesting texture, then cut to shape.  The pieces like this are for scattered bits to make your bases or terrain more interesting.  He also sells full textured bases as well.  It looks to be some type of resin formula - however It is a polymer clay compound that is not as brittle as it looks, having some flexibility to it.

When I opened the bags to look at it, there were a lot of pieces.  So my gamers ADHD kicked in, and I sorted them by pattern - and then even noticed which pieces were part of a whole - so ended up doing a bit of a jigsaw puzzle for fun.  This also allowed me to see the patterns.

There were enough pieces that instead of giving three sets out, I figured I'd give a couple of pieces to everyone in their swag bags (after scanning and making more copies of his business card - have to give proper credit after all).

The pictures show the various patterns - I tried to make sure everyone is getting two of them.

Elven flooring
road sections
cobblestones w/ marker stones
Greco-Roman tiles
chaotic runes
With a bit of paint and a wash, the patterns on all of these should really stand out, giving bases very cool look with little effort.  While these are random sized samples the small bag of pieces for scatter / terrain, you can order bases with this on them ready to glue your models to - from 20 mm single bases to 200 mm x 80 mm horde multi-bases (and even round or oval bases, if you were to want those for some reason :-) ).

It doesn't take too much to really punch up your basing, and these are a very reasonably priced way to do it.

UPDATE.  Max actually clarified a couple of things on Facebook, so I thought I'd add them here:
Just for reference:
  1. I call it textured basing material. These are actually the "small bag" size of my texture. I sell them in bags for use as scatter terrain/material. 
  2. It is a polymer clay compound. I use a high grade version to give my products a bit more staying power, and so they don't crumble in your hand.  
  3. As Michael said, I offer bases. To clarify. If you buy a base from me, you get a complete base, with texture pre attached. 
If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me or email me. I am more than happy to help and I do custom sizing if what I do not have on my website fits what you need. Have fun at the tournament y'all
Which pattern is your favorite?

Because it is all fun and games . . .