Sponsor Spotlight : Mantic Games

The War Kings GT is getting closer and closer, so now is time to spotlight Mantic games.

It would be pretty amazing to me if you have been reading my blog and NOT heard of Mantic Games.  I'm a pathfinder (which is another name for serious plastic crack addict) so I do demos and events to promote their games, including Kings of War.

I ask them for prize support for a lot of events, and this one is no exception.  Instead of set prize levels though, I asked for stuff for door prizes, and they (of course) came through.  I picked up the following at Adepticon

First up is a regiment of the new resin Fire Elementals.  This is the third of the elementals they have released, with earth and water both out already in metal.  These are resin however, so much lighter.  (So far I have resisted the temptation to open the box to review the actual models - but my reserve is wavering).

Of course to complement these is the new resin Greater Fire Elemental.  Mantic has a Greater Earth Elemental but no water yet (and I think I've heard rumors they are working on the air ones.)  Joe Neet used this model for Chroneas in his Forces of the Abyss army for Adepticon.

Both of these kits are usable for Forces of Nature and Salamander armies.

Speaking of Forces of the Abyss, they also sent a horde of Lower Abyssals.  That is 8 sprues of these hard plastic demons which can be modeled as either Lower Abyssals or Flame Bearers (and the sprues each have a couple of imps on them - enough to make a a unit (or two) of these annoying swarms.

This is one of the newer plastic kits and works really well - the only issue is that if you want to do the optioin to exchange their shields for two-handed weapons there is only one two-handed weapon per sprue.  So you can basically do the first row (leaving the shields off the rest) of your unit of these.

Lastly, they included one of their 'older' kits - the metal Forest Shamblers. These can be taken in Forces of Nature or Elf armies, and work well with the new resin Tree Herder model that they recently released.

And the prize pool just keeps getting bigger and deeper.

Which of these are you hoping to win?

Because it is all fun and games . . .