Sponsor Spotlight : Ironheart Artisans

Only a few days left before the War Kings GT, and another Sponsor Spotlight.  This time we look at the great stuff from Ironheart Artisans.

One of the premier makers of acrylic and mdf gaming accessories, and they have an entire line dedicated to Kings of War.  They have not only generously provided everyone a multi-base / movement tray and spell marker in their swag bag, but also some of their great templates.

The Corner Fire Arc Template is designed to give you a guide to easily see 90 and 45 degree arcs on the corners of square based units and models

Lined up with a unit of Naid heartpiercers (because my Trident Realms army happens to be sitting on my table downstairs (waiting for me to paint up the unit of Thuuls for it).

They have also provides two of their W fire arc templates.  The W Fire Arc Template is designed to give you a guide to easily see 45 degree arcs on the corners of square based units and models.  I love the one that I got at Adepticon a couple of years ago.

can be used on the front of a unit
or the corner
Finally, they included a Knuckle Duster Combat Template.  This has 6, 4, 2, and 1 quick measure sides as well as a graduated 6″ measuring stick side. The new cure for the common rules lawyer.

1" to make sure your units are properly separated.
6" - and they are just out of spell range!
Ok, I'm not sure what the round holes are for - just to protect your knuckles when that rules lawyer finally pushes you past the breaking point?

Or maybe for some round based game?

Or just for fun?  Either way this is still a cool multi-tool for your game.

I mentioned the movement trays / multi-bases for Kings of War in the swag bag.  Each player gets one of these - 100x40 tray and base.  The base fits perfectly in the tray - but they can also be uses separately if you do not want to multi-base all your models (say leaving a troop single based to use in Vanguard when it comes out this fall).

Also, everyone gets a spell or artifact token.  They make these in both MDF and acrylic.  There are event tokens for the new CoK 2018 spells and artifacts in there (which are  not even available on their web site yet). 
Three of the spell / artifact tokens
These tokens are a great way to mark your unit with that they are carrying (and allow you to easily change this for each game if you need to).  I have a set myself (including the 2017 CoK upgrade).  (Honestly, I was a little tempted to pull out the new ones and keep them for myself - but that wouldn't be right - everything was put in a bag and randomly put in swag bags))

With just a few more days to go, things are getting better and better!

So what are you planning on doing with that knuckle-duster?

Because it is all fun and games . . .