Should have got more

Mantic put out kickstarter updates for two of their outstanding kickstarters today, and they are looking fantastic.

First for Kings of War : Vanguard they have shots of the  new resin models, as well as the Frost Giant.  I've grabbed pictures from the kickstarter of the resins from the pledges, so you can see what you originally pledged for.  This is on schedule for an October retail release, meaning they should be shipping the backers theirs in September.  I know that is six months away - it can't come soon enough.

First the Basileans
Abbess, Dictator, Ogre Palace Guard
Then the one I am most looking forward to, the Night Stalkers.
Mind Screech, Banshee and Shade
Big pulsing brain, tentacles, multiple mouths with sharp teeth - truly nightmares come true.  

Of course the Northern Alliance is making its debut

Frost Fang, Ice Elemental, Thegn, Ice Witch
And lastly, the new abyssals ( <sarcasm>because this army is so unpopular and needed more models </sarcasm> )
Seductress, Despoiler, Warlock
And of course, the giant. Talking to Ronnie at Adepticon, he said the sculptors went a bit overboard on this, and while it uses the 'normal' giant kit, way more is swapped out than they had originally anticipated (making the $10 upgrade on the kickstarter a real bargain, as they expect this to retail for at least $20 more than the regular giant).  I'm only getting two (one of each) - I definitely should have ordered more.
The Abbess is for size comparison.  Truly a model worth the name giant.
In addition to the Vanguard kickstarter, they also posted pictures from the upcoming Terrain Crate kickstarter, which is scheduled to begin shipping in the middle of May (and for once the US does NOT have to go to the UK first and be shipped from their - instead going to a US shipping hub (so instead of taking two weeks to get here from the warehouse it should be only a couple of days). Yes, next month.

Wizard's Study
Treasure Room
Dark Lord's Tower
Torture Chamber
Blacksmith & Stable

With any luck I will get the fences and walls in time to get painted up for Origins!

Because it is all fun and games . . .