Flood.  I always grew up hearing stories about how my parents lost nearly everything in the flood (and I may be old, but no, it wasn't the one with Noah!).  They happened to be out of town visiting my Dad's family at the time, and remember seeing the evening news covering the story, and saw a boat go down what used to be their street, right in front of their house.

It is also one of my favorite They Might Be Giants Albums.

More importantly, the village of Osborn Ohio was relocated and merged with the village of Fairfield to become Fairborn (due to the flood that resulted from the construction of the Huffman damn in 1921).  It was actually this story that gave me the idea for a new, alternate Kings of War scenario.

I've had mixed feedback on the scenario so far, and have continued to adjust it.  However I have been asked for the details - so here is the 1.3 version of the Flood scenario.

The game is a modified Push scenario from the COK 2018 book (originally it was scavenge, but generation of the tokens turned out to be much harder than I anticipated, so I think it will work better with push.
At each short end of the table is a river marker running across the table, touching the table edge.  (a long piece of blue cloth (felt) is recommended for this).

After deployment, players roll off to place loot tokens.  Each player places 3 loot tokens within their deployment area – giving them to units if they wish.    A unit may only carry a single loot marker.  In addition a single loot token is placed in the center of the table.  

Flood Movement
At the END of each players turn, roll a D6, and move the river to that players right that many inches to the left (toward the center of the board).  Everything between the inner edge of the river and the table edge is flooded and is counted as blocking terrain.  Any unit that is touched by the water is disordered, and pushed directly perpendicular to the water as it moves (so at the end of the river movement, the unit is STILL in contact with the water)  If the unit was carrying a loot counter then it drops the counter and the counter is destroyed.  Any terrain touched by the flood is removed (any unit on that was on the terrain is also disordered).

Victory Conditions
Each loot counter you hold at the end of the game on your side of the board is worth 1 VP.  Each loot counter that you hold on your opponents side of the board is worth 2 VP.  If you have 2 or more victory points than your opponent then you win, otherwise the game is a draw.
So what is happening is the board is constantly shrinking as the game is being played (think of the garbage disposal scene in the original Star Wars movie (to you younger kids known as Episode IV: A New Hope)

It has the added risk however of losing the tokens if you aren't careful and let your units get too near the edge.

I thought I'd put out pictures of people actually playing the scenario as well.
Erich Trowbridge v Roger Connor @ War Kings GT
Jon Carter v Dave Baker  @ War Kings GT
Austin Carrigan v Frank Bradford  @ War Kings GT
Grant Fetter v Derick Byrd  @ War Kings GT
Shannon Shoemaker v Steve Malone  @ War Kings GT
Jesse Cornwell v Joey Greek  @ War Kings GT
Mathew Vermeiren v Andrew Summers @ War Kings GT
Bob Boggs v Tom Ziegler  @ War Kings GT
Felix Castro v Aaron Raleigh  @ War Kings GT
Matthew Temple v Kyle Przelenski  @ War Kings GT
Amy Stamper v Bill Robertson  @ War Kings GT
Chris Clark v AJ Fullerton  @ War Kings GT
Round 4  @ War Kings GT
Steve Malone v David Baker @ Daycon
Aaron Raleigh v Erich Trowbridge @ Daycon
Grace Patterson v Bob Boggs @ Daycon
Felix Castro v Jon Carter @ Daycon
What do you think of this scenario?

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Thanks for writing that out, I will be giving that a try at home. I can see why the random nature of the moving water would not be popular with some competition players. I have played a version of this which was written for SAGA which makes the high ground a safe area: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/studiotomahawk/deadly-tide-scenario-t6275.html


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