Daycon 2018

This past weekend the 2nd annual Daycon Game Day was held.  This year we had a new venue, and once again the Ohio War Kings hosted a small Kings of War tournament.

This wasn't a big event, and we had 8 players this time.  Since we switched venues, we weren't sure how much room we would have, so we kept it small.

First round getting started
Aaron Raleigh v Bob Boggs
Grace Patterson v Dave Baker
Steve Malone v Felix Castro
Jon Carter v Erich Trowbridge
We took a break for lunch, which allowed me to do some paint judging (and run home to get something I forgot for game three).  (It was really nice to run an event that was only 15 minutes instead of two or five hours away from home).
Felix Castro's Forces of the Abyss
Jon Carter's Orcs
Erich Trowbridge's Ratkin
Steve Malone's Twilight Kin
Bob Boggs' Elves
Dave Baker's Forces of the Abyss
Grace Patterson's Undead
Aaron Raleigh's Undead
Then it was time for round 2.
Round 2 is on!
Felix Castro v Bob Boggs
Jon Carter v Grace Patterson
Steve Malone v Erich Trowbridge
Aaron Raleigh v Dave Baker
A quick break, and we were off for round 3.  This was a playtest for a new scenario for the War Kings GT in 2 weeks, and everyone had fun, as well as offered some good feedback on it.
Round 3 getting started
Steve Malone v Dave Baker
Aaron Raleigh v Erich Trowbridge
Grace Patterson v Bob Boggs
Felix Castro v Jon Carter
And that was all it took.  A small, quick, fun tournament.

(Front) Grace Patterson, Steve Malone, Felix Castro, (Back) Jon Carter, Dave Baker, Erich Trowbridge, Aaron Raleigh and Bob Boggs
Overall Champion : Steve Malone
Best General : Erich Trowbridge
Best Appearance : Felix Castro
Favorite Opponent: Grace Patterson
Dice Hate Me: Bob Boggs

Of course, all the scores are up on warscore.

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Paint Players Choice Favorite Opponent Total Awards
1 Steve Malone Twilight Kin Felix Castro, Erich Trowbridge, David Baker 57 20 77 Overall Champion
2 Erich Trowbridge Ratkin Jon Carter, Steve Malone, Aaron Raleigh 45 20 3 1 69 Best General
3 Jon Carter Orcs Erich Trowbridge, Grace Patterson, Felix Castro 38 20 1 59
4 David Baker Abyssals Grace Patterson, Aaron Raleigh, Steve Malone 37 20 2 59
5 Felix Castro Abyssals Steve Malone, Bob Boggs, Jon Carter 35 20 2 57 Best Appearance
6 Aaron Raleigh Undead Bob Boggs, David Baker, Erich Trowbridge 34 20 2 1 57
7 Grace Patterson Undead David Baker, Jon Carter, Bob Boggs 40 12 2 54 Favorite Opponent
8 Bob Boggs Elves Aaron Raleigh, Felix Castro, Grace Patterson 18 20 1 1 40 Dice Hate Me

So the quick fun one is done - and now War Kings GT is less than two weeks away! 

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. As a ratkin player I'm asking myself : does Erich really take to the board 4 blight horde and 5 blight regiments ?


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