Sponsor Spotlight : Shogun Miniatures

War Kings GT is coming up fast, so it is time for another Sponsor Spotlight: Shogun Miniatures.

If you are on the Facebook Kings of War Fanatics group you will have seen that about once a month, some one asks what to use for bases and/or movement trays, and the past several years, I have always recommended Shogun Miniatures and their magnet bases and trays.

Robert Knestrick makes a superior product and I start every new army project by ordering more bases (I always over order - but still never seem to have enough of what I need).  While the shogun website isn't much, you simply send him an email with what you want, and he will send back a quote, and often you can get your order in a couple of weeks.

In addition, Shogun can make custom bases.  So instead of the usual 20mm infantry or 25x50mm cavalry bases, I order 100x40 infantry troop, 125x50 cavalry troop, 120x40 large infantry, 150x50 large cavalry (and obsidian golems) bases (plus some 50mm for monsters).  I still have plenty of singles as well for my heroes.

And if the tray size you need isn't listed, you can get custom trays as well.  They come both flanged and flat - and the flanged trays add less than a millimeter to your unit base.  Since I get all my units in troop size, I then buy the trays for regiments, hordes and the occasional legion.

In addition, they now have round bases available as well - so for all of you Warpath and Deadzone fans can now get your magnet bases here as well.  Especially if you want to go from Deadzone to FireFight to Warpath then magnetizing your models easily allows you to make up units for them.

Shogun has generously stepped up as a sponsor, sending us 13 trays and 86 bases - I am thinking of breaking these up by unit type - Infantry, Infantry (25mm), Cavalry and Large Infantry - so the winners can pick what they need, and have enough to make at least a full unit, if not more.

6 40mm (Large Infantry) bases, 2 troop trays and 2 regiment trays
20 25mm (infantry) bases, a troop and a regiment tray
10 25x50 (cavalry) bases, troop and regiment tray
50 20mm (infantry) bases, a horde, two regiment and two troop trays
The pictures may not be exciting, but the bases are fantastic.  Not only do we have these great prizes, but everyone will get a square and a round base to try out for themselves in our swag bag (which just keeps getting bigger and better).

I simply cannot recommend these bases and movement trays enough.

Because it is all fun and games . . .