Sponsor Spotlight - GameMats.com

The shipments from our sponsors for the War Kings GT have been pouring in - so this Sponsor Spotlight is on GameMats.com .

I've heard of GameMats.com, but this is the first of their mats that I've actually gotten.  It came in a high quality bag, and had a nice tag to both identify the mat as well as to write your name on.  They also threw in a key-chain on a carbiner with a dogtag.

The mat is of great quality, and has very interesting artwork.  It is named Purgatory - so has some wasteland aspects (cracked earth), some possible ruins/tiles and other possibly malignant areas.  Both colorful and intimidating, it is a great fantasy landscape.  I may just have to make a couple of reddish hills just for this mat in the future.

No only did they give us this fantastic mat, but they have also provided something cool to put in the swag bags - and in fact the swag bags themselves.

So everyone will walk out with a GameMats.com bag, and inside will be a GameMats.com corkscrew.

Now most of the gamers I know don't claim to have a very sophisticated pallet, and they just drink beer.  However this is the occasion when you want wine - and this corkscrew will do it with as much elegance as a slob such as I can master.  It also has a small blade to trim away the wax or foil cover on the top of the bottle, and once you screw it in, you can hook one side on the lip and pull up on the other to easily uncork your bottle of gastronomical excellence.  No more wine in a bag or screw top for us!

GameMats.com also has neodymium magnets, hobby tools, and a line of 3D printable scenery as STL files, or you can go to their etsy shop and order it printed for you - ready to paint!

A big thank you to GameMats.com - please check them out and support them and all our sponsors, without whom we wouldn't be able to have such a fantastic event!

Because it is all fun and games . . .